Friday, December 29, 2017

Oriental Rugs and Gardens Have Much in Common

To some the home in the distance might seem afar off. In truth, the verdant beauty of the world proclaims that "home" is all around wherever we might be.

The concepts of gardens and oriental rugs have much in common (as a little research will reveal to the curious.) 

For those embattled by the sterile cold of winter, the memory of a garden, or its symbolic presence in a traditional oriental rug, is the hope of a time and place that will come again.

Some feel it is home; some call it home. Some know it as paradise. We all know what it is. We all know what it feels like. If we are not there, we look forward to being there again. We all know when we are there.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Home Delivery with Installation of Multiple Rug Choices by Bucks County, PA Rug Store Brandon Oriental Rugs Makes Shopping for Quality Rugs an Effortless Pleasure

Since 1991, Brandon has personally delivered rugs as far north as Maine; as far south as Georgia; as far west as the Mississippi; and all along the Eastern seaboard.

We actually carry and install the rugs you would like to see into any room of your home where you want to see them. And we usually bring multiple rugs for you to consider, to provide the maximum degrees of freedom you deserve with any choice. 

When you shop for your rugs through Brandon, we are pleased to be the only ones under pressure: the urge to give you the best you want at the best possible price. 

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Friday, November 24, 2017

Rug Sale Reality at Bucks County, PA Oriental Rug Store Brandon Oriental Rugs. Value is REAL not Made-Up. | PHOTO EVIDENCE |

You do NOT have to wait for a "SALE" to get the best price on the best quality area rugsJust call or visit Bucks County, PA rug specialty store Brandon Oriental Rugs anytime for the best of everything (including service.)
Rug Sale Reality: Example 1
BrandonRugs.com_Rug #66923_Hand-knotted Pak-Persian_True 16/18 Contract
(used for comparison below)   

"Rug Sale" Reality featuring evidence from a popular rug "sale" host.

Rug Sale Reality: Example 2
BrandonRugs.com_Rug #65307_Hand-knotted 200-line Sino-Persian "Silk Flower"
(used for comparison below)


The "sale season" is always a GREAT time to consider what is REAL. 
If quality is important in your purchase decisions, you are going to want REAL oriental rugs. Likewise, you deserve honest offers with real prices on the rugs you'll be considering (not some phony markup price to offer you an equally phony discount.) Afterall, if the price on the tag isn't true (and was never meant to be true) what else can you really trust about the rug you want to buy, or the company trying to sell it to you? 

Your buying strategy need not be holding out for "70% OFF" when the next SALE rolls around. Instead, discover and learn about what quality or style of rug you like. Then pursue finding the best value (in reality) that is being offered to you for that kind of rug. This goes for antique and one-of-a-kind rugs too. Though their uniqueness places them in a class that brings intangibles to their pricing, you can with a little research find information on comparable examples, and establish a sense of price to make you comfortable about the value of the specific rug you are considering.

For over twenty-five years at their one and only location, Brandon Oriental Rugs has consistently offered the best values available based on QUALITY. Plus, Brandon's pricing beats the super discounted "SALE" prices offered by other sources. Not once in all that time has the company ever resorted to phony discount price offers to lure shoppers.

If you have a hand-knotted rug in good condition that you want to offer for consignment sale, please contact us. We do not accept in-store consignments, but do maintain a data base of used/old rugs to help customers who are trying to sell their rugs.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Amazing Math: Custom Oriental Rug Solution (Dividing a Rug in Half) Results in Two COMPLETE Rooms for Bucks County Customers of Brandon Oriental Rugs

Visionary customers challenged Brandon Oriental Rugs to divide a round handmade oriental rug found in the store into two "custom" semicircular rugs for use in two separate  areas of their newly renovated Bucks County home.


Brandon can almost always find rugs that most appropriately satisfy the requests and needs of our customers. Thanks to a challenge offered by customers, we found that we can also produce such rugs to good effect at reasonable cost in compressed time-frames.

BrandonRugs.com_8x8 round rug cut and finished to produce two semicircular
rugs to satisfy customer's custom rug need. (view from end of rug)

BrandonRugs.com_8x8 round rug cut and finished to produce two semicircular
rugs to satisfy customer's custom rug need. (view from side of rug)

BEFORE: First area of customer's Bucks County home for
which one of the "half-round" rugs is desired.

AFTER: First area of customer's Bucks County home in which
one of the "half-round" rugs is has been installed by Brandon.

AFTER: Another view of first area of customer's Bucks County home
in which one of the "half-round" rugs is has been installed by Brandon.

BEFORE: Second area of customer's Bucks County home for
which the second, "identical twin" half-round rug is desired.

AFTER: Second area of customer's Bucks County home in which
the "identical twin" half-round rug has been installed by Brandon.

All credit and praise here to the customers:
  • for having a wonderful vision for completion of their home
  • for having a uniquely great idea for realizing it
  • for having confidence in Brandon to make it happen.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Searching for a fine quality area rug in Bucks County or Surrounding Counties? Save a lot of time, trouble, and money with Brandon Oriental Rugs

Searching for a fine quality area rug? You can save a lot of time, trouble, and money by using your smartphone to call Brandon (215-794-2300) instead of using it to try and find the rug of your dreams online via internet rug sellers.

Real, handmade oriental rugs are a superb acquisition for the home. Like other estate treasures, they offer a lifetime of pride and pleasure from ownership and use.

Brandon Oriental Rugs believes that the experience of acquiring a fine rug should be a pleasure as well. With over twenty-five years at our one and only store location, our good reputation was established and is sustained by providing the best quality, best service, and best price (based on quality); with customer satisfaction our paramount concern.  

Our personalized Rug-Search(tm) service saves our customers time and effort finding the rugs they desire. We promise that (compared with other sources) our customers will get better rugs for their investment. "Spend less for the quality rugs you want; get better quality rugs for what you want to spend"(tm)

Brandon's complimentary services include free delivery, in-home trials (of multiple rug choices), and design consultations (with you or your interior designer) to establish the best colors, styles, and qualities for you and your unique decorating needs. 

Plus, Brandon's prices are "Real All the Time"(tm).  Unlike other stores and sources (including online), Brandon's prices are complete: (tax, padding and delivery with installation included) - with no hidden or extra costs (like return shipping or restocking fees.) 

There really is a better way to shop for and acquire oriental rugs. Visit Brandon Oriental Rugs anytime and see what a REAL rug sale is all about.
  • Save based on quality anytime
  • No reason to wait for a SALE to feel confident about getting the best possible value. 
  • No reason to hurry. No reason to wait. 
  • No hype. No Pressure. Just REAL.

[Brandon directly serves a large region in Bucks County, PA and surrounding counties in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.]

Thursday, October 19, 2017

A Few Pictures and Words Tell What Matters When Shopping for Quality Area Rugs

If you are going to do area rugs in your home, do it right. If you don't want to throw money away on short term fixes, take time to get the facts about what matters. Actually go shop in person to find out about what is available. Consider all that matters to you. Look at colors, designs and textures. Feel the weight and thickness and softness of each rug. Think about the significance of what you are hearing about the benefits of each feature.

Matters of enduring consequence (like what you choose to put on your floors) need not be decided in a rush. In fact, the only rush you should feel any need to respond to is the one you'll experience when you find the perfect rug for your needs and taste.

For over a quarter century, Brandon Oriental Rugs has proudly provided a NO PRESSURE, service oriented shopping experience to help our customers acquire the fine quality rugs they want. 

Keep in mind that if you are not looking in the right place, you might never find what you truly want.

If you are only looking here... will never find what can only be found here:

Brandon Oriental Rugs offers many complimentary services to help you explore all of the possibilities and benefits provided by fine quality rugs.   

 Our services include:
  • Rug-Search(tm) to find solutions from the universe of what is available; not just what happens to be in store today.
  • Professional Design Consultations to clarify needs and desires (at our store or in your home; with you and/or your interior designer.) Whether you are are starting with a rug or using it to finish an otherwise complete room, we can help you save a lot of time, effort, and confusion.
  • In-home trial of multiple rugs allowing you to try before you buy, and to experiment with different concepts at one time so you can easily establish what is best.
  • Free delivery and installation.
  • Quality pricing that permits meaningful comparison shopping and "no pressure" decisions.
All that we offer is available to all within a wide radius of our store, conveniently located in the center of beautiful Bucks County, Pennsylvania.



Saturday, October 7, 2017

There's a First Step to Every Process (Including Decorating Your Home). Begin With the End In Mind.

Empty rooms are full of possibilities. Creativity motivates us to fill the void. At least in places where company will be invited to join us, that which is bare asks for cover. 

Just as we know to adorn ourselves, our tastes and appreciation of style naturally guide our choices for the furnishing of the spaces we inhabit. Collective cultural wisdom likewise sets sensible guidelines for decisions: "Costly thy habit as thy purse can buy, but not expressed in fancy; rich not gaudy..." 

With self-definition a comfortable habit, setting goals for expansive self-expression needed to decorate a home is easy. Collective wisdom helps us embark: "Begin with the end in mind."

The blueprints for our vision, whether formally drawn or held intuitively within, guide our steps. We know to build from the ground up. We know that an anchor prevents drifting. We know that a common precursor permits harmonization in subsequent specialization.

With that knowledge, selection of an oriental rug to put flesh on the bare bones of an empty room is an acknowledged stroke of genius. There is REALLY no better place to start.


Friday, September 29, 2017

Bucks County Oriental Rug Store Brandon Oriental Rugs - - Helps Huntingdon Valley Homeowner Realize Picture Perfect Expression of Her Artistic Values

The living room in this picture was "in development" for some time, as our customer introduced new elements to complete it. Following a master plan of standards kept in her head, she made appropriate additions to the room; culminating in the purchase of the handmade oriental rug from Bucks County rug store Brandon Oriental Rugs.

Consider the many choices made and the ensuing paths taken which arrived at this "picture". This can't be achieved in reaction to  fads. This happens by planning and design. Our customer knew the look of her "ideal". This rug helps her fulfill that vision.

Brandon Oriental Rugs reveres the truth our customers pursue to have their living spaces reflect their tastes. We are honored to help realize such inspired goals.  

Brandon Oriental Rugs serves a large region, including Bucks County and surrounding counties in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. If you have a special rug need, or would like to begin exploring what real handmade rugs offer for the improvements you want to make in your home, we're at your assistance.

Here are the areas and communities we serve directly with all of our #rug-services (including #Rug-Search(tm); #rug-cleaning, #rug-repairs, #rug-appraisals, #room-measurements, #free-delivery, #interior-design-assistance, #rug-consignments, #rug-storage, #insurance-rug-damage-claims, #rug-shipment):
Bucks County, Pennsylvania: Doylestown, Jamison, Warminster, Warrington, Warwick, Washington Crossing, Upper Makefield, Newtown, Yardley, Langhorne, Richboro, Northhampton, Buckingham, Chalfont, Furlong, Lahaska (Peddlers Village), New Hope, Quakertown, Pipersville, Ottsville, Plunstead Township, Buckingham Township, Solebury, Upper Makefield Township, Lower Makefield Township, Bristol, Oxford Valley, Levittown, Morrisville, Wrightstown, Penns Purchase
Philadelphia and Suburbs in Southeast Pennsylvania: Philadelphia, Bryn Mawr, Haverford, Malvern, Devon, Main Line, Chestnut Hill and Bryn Mawr
Mercer County, NJ and nearby communities: Princeton, Titusville, Hamilton, NJ and vicinity
Hunterdon County, NJ and nearby communities: Lambertville, Clinton, Stockton, Whitehouse Station, Flemington, Ringoes, Basking Ridge, Bernardsville, Chester, Mendham
Chester, Montgomery and Delaware Counties in Pennsylvania: Valley Forge, King of Prussia, Upper and Lower Merion, Ft. Washington, Blue Bell, Lansdale, Abington, Rydal, Haverford, Huntingdon Valley, Abington, Newtown Square, Rydal, Paoli, Swarthmore, Conshohocken, Norristown, Harleysville, Blue Bell, Lower Gwynedd, Gwynedd Township, Montgomeryville, North Wales, West Point, Upper Frederick Township, Pennsburg, Greenlane, Perkiomonville, Souderton, Sellersville, Pottstown, Chester Springs, West Chester
Lehigh, Berks, Northhampton Counties in Pennsylvania: Easton, Bath, Bangor, Allentown, Bethlehem, Center Valley, Lower Saucon Township and the entire Lehigh Valley
The Poconos and Susquehanna Valley: Jim Thorpe, Mauch Chunk, Hawley, Scranton, Wilkes Barre, Pottsville, Stroudsberg, Delaware River Gap
New Horizons (Outside above Listed Areas)? Invite us to help you. We look forward to opportunities to explore new horizons. If we cannot help you with direct-to-door service, we are always pleased to answer questions and offer suggestions of value to you relative to your interest(s) in fine quality handmade rugs. Please give us a call if you need help.


Thursday, September 14, 2017

An Elegant and Luxurious Lifestyle Can Be Proclaimed On the Outside, But Is Truly Lived On the Inside.

"Character cannot be judged solely 
from what is seen on the outside."

This house and automobile belong to Prescott.

The living room, family room, and current dining room 
of the home above are seen in the images below.

Prescott has lived here three and a half years.
(He admits readily that he is often away on vacation.)

The house and vehicle seen below belong to Bob.

The picture below shows how Bob chose to 
decorate the living room of his humble home.

Bob treasures his home. He enjoys being here, where 
he can see and be with the beautiful things in his life.


Thursday, August 31, 2017

How to Help Customers Effectively. There are many answers. Some take humanity into account.

The advice below was found while browsing a Linked-In network discussion on "How to Help Customers Effectively":

"...great strategy to ensure your message resonates with your target audience. To expand on that, it's super important to know who your buyer personas (target audience) are, and where they reside online--and offline--in order to effectively reach, communicate and engage with them to drive a call to action. Do you have a marketing communications plan in place? It's also critical to have definitive and measurable marketing goals and objectives--and part of that circles back up to knowing who and where your buyers are...and through which channels you will reach them."

It sounds like a lot of dehumanizing gibberish with "relationships" based upon success in behavioral conditioning of "target audiences" to properly respond to buzzword calls to action -- to adopt the parlance..

One of my heroes in the Bible is Nathaniel, said by the Lord to be an Israelite "in whom there is no guile." "NO GUILE": that's the best character trait for building honest relationships and truly having a heart to help customers. I doubt any human being could pass "The Turing Test" by actively engaging in trying to evaluate "buyer personas...and where they order a call to action...and through which channels you will reach them."

The next person through the doors of my store (just like all of those before and all of those yet to come) will get a "Howdy. Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to look around as much as you like. If you have questions, or need help 
with anything, I'm here to help in every way I can." 

God forbid I should ever become a creature or machine who spends a moment trying to assess the "buyer persona" of the people I meet.


Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Interest and Comfort with Nontraditional Looks and Ideas in Design is Developing as Seen in New Rug Selections at Bucks County Rug Store Brandon Oriental Rugs

Bucks County, PA specialty rug store, Brandon Oriental Rugs, is making an effort to go outside its tried-and-true comfort zone by bringing more nontraditional handwoven rugs into the store. 

While patrons of the store still overwhelmingly prefer authentic oriental rug designs, these "new look", modern, contemporary rugs are arousing curiosity and increased interest (seen as willingness to experiment with them as possible decorating solutions.) 

The "Shock Of The New" is actually a pleasurable experience when it is discerned that -- while the designs are not traditional -- the materials and workmanship found in these rugs are still dependably excellent.

Whether your decorating style is traditional, transitional, or avant-garde, with our dedication to service Brandon Oriental Rugs looks forward to helping you explore all of the possibilities for fully realizing your decorating goals with quality handmade rugs. 


Saturday, August 19, 2017

Homeowners in Warrington, PA Choose Handmade Rugs from Bucks County Specialty Rug Store Brandon Oriental Rugs to Complete Their Living Room and Dining Room After Lengthy Search of Rug Dealers Locally and Online

8x10 and 7x7 Round Silk Flower Rugs as first seen at Brandon Oriental Rugs by
Warrington, PA homeowners engaged in a rug search via all available resources

Bucks County, PA specialty rug store Brandon Oriental Rugs was honored recently to receive an invitation to help complete a lovely home built in Warrington, PA by homeowners with a great sense of interior design, and a developed taste for quality.

7x7 Hand-knotted Silk Flower oriental rug selected to complete living room designed and built by the homeowners.

They are also savvy shoppers. Throughout the search and presentation process they presented Brandon with competitive challenges; remaining actively engaged in seeking the best value rugs for their home. Based upon our ability early in the search process to assess their size and style requirements, we were successful in the end in earning their confidence with our service, and with the lovely handmade Silk Flower rugs found for their living room and dining room.

8x10 Hand-knotted Silk Flower oriental rug selected to complete dining room designed and built by homeowners.

When the pieces of a puzzle fit together properly, it's easy to assemble them and achieve the proper solution. The high quality standards of the homeowners, together with their patient, deliberate, orderly process for evaluating their choices allowed us to help them assemble a finished picture that is undeniably lovely.


"There is no new thing under the sun..." "Everything is a copy of a copy of a copy." "Fashion moves forward by looking back." (via Instagram):

" new thing under the sun..."
It's a misnomer to call fashion "New!" that is clearly inspired by centuries old textile design -- in this case a Persian handmade oriental rug design.

Want your home to really have a fashionable new look ? Try the solution that has NEVER gone out-of-style: REAL oriental rugs.


Sunday, August 6, 2017

Old Farmhouse Newly Renovated Has Its Character Preserved by Homeowners with Selection of Antique Reproduction Persian Rug from Bucks County, PA Rug Store Brandon Oriental Rugs

On their first day in the newly renovated living-room of their centuries old Bucks County, PA farmhouse, the homeowners selected this handmade, antique reproduction Persian Bakhshaish oriental rug from Brandon Oriental Rugs to grace the floors for all the days ahead in their wonderful new home. 

(via Instagram -


New Oriental Rug from Bucks County, PA rug store Brandon Oriental Rugs is One of the First Steps in a Home Makeover by the Homeowners

Hand-knotted oriental rug selected by the homeowners from Brandon Oriental Rugs makes things look
pretty good already; but became just the first of many steps in a major home makeover.

Homeowners from Bucks County, referred to us by an interior designer, have advanced from the early stages of refurnishing their living room. Their old sofa seen above has since been removed. 

The handmade oriental rug they selected from Bucks County, PA rug store Brandon Oriental Rugs as one of the first steps in the room makeover enabled them subsequently to make decisions at a relaxed pace to advance their plans. The room was made comfortable, intimate and beautiful by their decision to introduce the traditional rug. Had they done no more, they could have been proud of their room as seen above.

But the rug inspired them with new ideas to update the living room: their main living space and site of so much that is important in the life of their family.

The images below show how things have rapidly advanced with the home's interior design. A new sofa, and some additional handmade rugs from Brandon have brought a fresh elegance to the expanded living room and adjacent spaces. 

Main living room area featuring new home decor (new sofa, new chairs, new lamps) atop new, antique reproduction
hand-knotted oriental rug from Brandon Oriental Rugs that helped begin the makeover.

View of expanded living room with side seating area distinguished by 
hand-knotted custom order/ custom made half-rug from Brandon Oriental Rugs.

Hand-knotted runner selected from Brandon Oriental Rugs by the homeowners as a complement
to the rug previously chosen for their living room (unseen on the right in this image.)