Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Traditional Rugs and Contemporary Settings: A Great Partnership for Fans of Eclecticism

(Round one of a series of pins to Pinterest from fresh, new design ideas using oriental rugs that we've been collecting from around the web.)
The mix of old and new looks gives a balance that is refreshing, exciting, inspiring, comfortable and eminently tasteful.

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Monday, June 17, 2013

Real Hand-knotted Rug to Anchor Renovation of Multi-Use Room: An Ideabook

"Begin with the end in mind" Stephen Covey

We've been asked by an interior design company in Bucks County, PA to assist in finding a "transitional style" rug to integrate other decisions regarding color and accessorization of a small multi-use room. The desire to establish the room with a neutral color rug -- preferably gray -- has been expressed.

Based upon the floor plan (see below), two rug-sizes are proposed for consideration: 8x10 and 8x8 square. 8x10, a standard size for hand-knotted rugs, offers a wide range of selections. 8x8 square, less common, is nonetheless an option; with several pieces available that are oriented toward the project's goals.

Proposed Room With 8x10 Rug and 8x10 samples:
Proposed Floor Plan Featuring 8x10 Rug

Sample 1 (corner) 8x10

Sample 2 (corner) 8x10

Sample 3 (corner) 8x10

Sample10  8x10

Sample11  8x10

Sample 12   8x10

Sample 14   8x10

Sample 15   8x10 

Sample 16   8x10

Proposed Room With 8x8 Square Rug and 8x8 samples:
Proposed Floor Plan Featuring 8x8 Square Rug

Sample 5 (corner)  8x8 Square

Sample 6 (corner)  8x8 Square

Sample 7 (corner)   8x8 Square

Sample 8 (corner)   8x8 Square (also 8x10)

Sample 17   7x8 

Sample 18   7x8 

Sample 19   8x8 Square

Friday, June 14, 2013

Brandon Oriental Rugs Blog Updated with Two New Pages Related to Our Participation on HOUZZ

This is a link to our "Ideabook" on HOUZZ where we collect ideas posted by other users of the site and offer some commentary on what we think works:
There is a permanent link for this on the sidebar of this blog, that you can access anytime for ideas, inspiration, and good ol' dream validation.

And this is a link to another new permanent page on our Blog, our Projects/Photos page on HOUZZ where we post rooms we have completed (or are working on):
It too can be found in a sidebar link.
Visit often. Enjoy. Comment. Like us if you like us and what we're doing.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Designing With Rugs | A good example of a properly sized living room area rug

A good demonstration of a properly sized rug: ... | Designing with ...

A good demonstration of a properly sized rug: large enough to unite all elements of the seating group; not too large however that the front legs of the sofa encroach beyond the inner guard stripe of the border; evenly bordered by the hardwood floors at the ends and behind; and does not encroach beyond the border in the floor for the hearth. 
Also a nice example of the rug establishing the  room, but not overwhelming it. You can comfortably appreciate all elements of the decor without forced attention on the rug. 

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Handmade Rugs Provide Beautiful Background For Spring 2012 Campaign

The Baluchi/Afghan rugs, beautiful in their own right, make the models and the fashions on display that much lovelier.
The tasteful campaign demonstrates that luxury is not found in objects or appearances alone; it is a milieu.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Wall Art Solution: REAL Handmade Oriental Rugs Take To Your Walls In A Big Way

Fine rugs are widely recognized as "art for the floor", but new display systems now make it possible, and attractively practical, to present your rug treasures in the vertical plane as wall art.

As the pictures show, the result is visually appealing, and for the confirmed "rug addict" offers a great opportunity to show off a growing collection; especially if a particular piece is too delicate or highly prized for exposure to use on the floor.

As shown, most rugs are optimally suited for display in a vertical orientation.  Individually, placed like any work of art at eye level, they can  turn an empty wall space into something really special. Multiple pieces displayed in procession down a long wall or hallway can impart the dignity of an art gallery to what would otherwise be mundane space. 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Vermont's "Most Relaxing Inn" Does It With Fine Oriental Rugs

We recently found this travel article about the Windham Hill Inn in southern Vermont from a Google search of places we'd like to visit for a quick getaway: 
and noticed that fine handmade rugs grace a number of rooms at the Inn. (Can't help but think that the rugs are one of the reasons that the writer found the destination so relaxing.)

An inviting sitting room with the furniture grouped
in front of the fireplace and around an old Persian Heriz rug.

This relaxing bathroom is distinguished with the lovely subtlety of the Bokhara runner 
Dining room has several rugs. That's a Pak-Bokhara in the corner.

Rare Persian carpet sold for $33.7 million in New York City

This is a nominal 6x9 rug that is now the record holder for the highest dollar amount ever paid at auction for a hand-knotted oriental rug.
It's nice to see that REAL handmade rugs are demonstrating value to collectors commensurate with other fine quality artworks (at least insofar as such value is proven by international auction results.)

How to use a bordered rug with a sectional sofa: Example

Picture shows a successful use of a bordered rug with a sectional sofa. The key is to have the correct rug size to enable the border to be revealed equally in front of the two sections of the sofa (or -- in the case of the furniture "floating" in the room -- behind the long and short sections.) The rug should be large enough too to connect with the chair across the room. As seen here, that chair normally will be placed across a corner of the rug; although that does vary with room arrangement.
Notice too how the rug really pops with the artwork above. A lot is accomplished in an apparently small space.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Take The Rug Away And The Whole Room Becomes A Room With A Hole

Lake Washington Residence - contemporary - living room - Castanes Architects PS

This image comes from a Houzz ideabook posted to Facebook. The hosts at Houzz are inviting comments in response to the question, "What inspires you about this space?"
Interestingly, a quick review of posted replies, showed just one that specifically mentioned the rug as being inspirational. Most of those who chose to respond were impressed by the wall of glass to the outdoors, and the lightness it imparts to the room. Very nice indeed; without question.
But we invite you to really think about how this room works, and just how significant the rug is. Think about how this room appears at night. Think about how the room would look and feel without the rug to hold it together; to anchor the white monochromatic color scheme of the interior.
Can you see that without the rug the whole room would look like a room with a hole in it?

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Hand-knotted Oriental Rug Is The Finishing Touch To Complete Family Room

Our customer had completed this room through a gradual process of renovation and furniture acquisition. Initially, they thought wall-to-wall carpet would be adequate for the look and feel of their family room, but more and more they felt the need to add an area rug to unite the seating group and focus the room. 
We were honored to have them visit our store as part of their rug search, and delighted that we were able to provide a rug for them that perfectly complements the colors and character of their room, and enhances all that they had previously accomplished to make this a comfortable living space.