Thursday, August 31, 2017

How to Help Customers Effectively. There are many answers. Some take humanity into account.

The advice below was found while browsing a Linked-In network discussion on "How to Help Customers Effectively":

"...great strategy to ensure your message resonates with your target audience. To expand on that, it's super important to know who your buyer personas (target audience) are, and where they reside online--and offline--in order to effectively reach, communicate and engage with them to drive a call to action. Do you have a marketing communications plan in place? It's also critical to have definitive and measurable marketing goals and objectives--and part of that circles back up to knowing who and where your buyers are...and through which channels you will reach them."

It sounds like a lot of dehumanizing gibberish with "relationships" based upon success in behavioral conditioning of "target audiences" to properly respond to buzzword calls to action -- to adopt the parlance..

One of my heroes in the Bible is Nathaniel, said by the Lord to be an Israelite "in whom there is no guile." "NO GUILE": that's the best character trait for building honest relationships and truly having a heart to help customers. I doubt any human being could pass "The Turing Test" by actively engaging in trying to evaluate "buyer personas...and where they order a call to action...and through which channels you will reach them."

The next person through the doors of my store (just like all of those before and all of those yet to come) will get a "Howdy. Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to look around as much as you like. If you have questions, or need help 
with anything, I'm here to help in every way I can." 

God forbid I should ever become a creature or machine who spends a moment trying to assess the "buyer persona" of the people I meet.


Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Interest and Comfort with Nontraditional Looks and Ideas in Design is Developing as Seen in New Rug Selections at Bucks County Rug Store Brandon Oriental Rugs

Bucks County, PA specialty rug store, Brandon Oriental Rugs, is making an effort to go outside its tried-and-true comfort zone by bringing more nontraditional handwoven rugs into the store. 

While patrons of the store still overwhelmingly prefer authentic oriental rug designs, these "new look", modern, contemporary rugs are arousing curiosity and increased interest (seen as willingness to experiment with them as possible decorating solutions.) 

The "Shock Of The New" is actually a pleasurable experience when it is discerned that -- while the designs are not traditional -- the materials and workmanship found in these rugs are still dependably excellent.

Whether your decorating style is traditional, transitional, or avant-garde, with our dedication to service Brandon Oriental Rugs looks forward to helping you explore all of the possibilities for fully realizing your decorating goals with quality handmade rugs. 


Saturday, August 19, 2017

Homeowners in Warrington, PA Choose Handmade Rugs from Bucks County Specialty Rug Store Brandon Oriental Rugs to Complete Their Living Room and Dining Room After Lengthy Search of Rug Dealers Locally and Online

8x10 and 7x7 Round Silk Flower Rugs as first seen at Brandon Oriental Rugs by
Warrington, PA homeowners engaged in a rug search via all available resources

Bucks County, PA specialty rug store Brandon Oriental Rugs was honored recently to receive an invitation to help complete a lovely home built in Warrington, PA by homeowners with a great sense of interior design, and a developed taste for quality.

7x7 Hand-knotted Silk Flower oriental rug selected to complete living room designed and built by the homeowners.

They are also savvy shoppers. Throughout the search and presentation process they presented Brandon with competitive challenges; remaining actively engaged in seeking the best value rugs for their home. Based upon our ability early in the search process to assess their size and style requirements, we were successful in the end in earning their confidence with our service, and with the lovely handmade Silk Flower rugs found for their living room and dining room.

8x10 Hand-knotted Silk Flower oriental rug selected to complete dining room designed and built by homeowners.

When the pieces of a puzzle fit together properly, it's easy to assemble them and achieve the proper solution. The high quality standards of the homeowners, together with their patient, deliberate, orderly process for evaluating their choices allowed us to help them assemble a finished picture that is undeniably lovely.


"There is no new thing under the sun..." "Everything is a copy of a copy of a copy." "Fashion moves forward by looking back." (via Instagram):

" new thing under the sun..."
It's a misnomer to call fashion "New!" that is clearly inspired by centuries old textile design -- in this case a Persian handmade oriental rug design.

Want your home to really have a fashionable new look ? Try the solution that has NEVER gone out-of-style: REAL oriental rugs.


Sunday, August 6, 2017

Old Farmhouse Newly Renovated Has Its Character Preserved by Homeowners with Selection of Antique Reproduction Persian Rug from Bucks County, PA Rug Store Brandon Oriental Rugs

On their first day in the newly renovated living-room of their centuries old Bucks County, PA farmhouse, the homeowners selected this handmade, antique reproduction Persian Bakhshaish oriental rug from Brandon Oriental Rugs to grace the floors for all the days ahead in their wonderful new home. 

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New Oriental Rug from Bucks County, PA rug store Brandon Oriental Rugs is One of the First Steps in a Home Makeover by the Homeowners

Hand-knotted oriental rug selected by the homeowners from Brandon Oriental Rugs makes things look
pretty good already; but became just the first of many steps in a major home makeover.

Homeowners from Bucks County, referred to us by an interior designer, have advanced from the early stages of refurnishing their living room. Their old sofa seen above has since been removed. 

The handmade oriental rug they selected from Bucks County, PA rug store Brandon Oriental Rugs as one of the first steps in the room makeover enabled them subsequently to make decisions at a relaxed pace to advance their plans. The room was made comfortable, intimate and beautiful by their decision to introduce the traditional rug. Had they done no more, they could have been proud of their room as seen above.

But the rug inspired them with new ideas to update the living room: their main living space and site of so much that is important in the life of their family.

The images below show how things have rapidly advanced with the home's interior design. A new sofa, and some additional handmade rugs from Brandon have brought a fresh elegance to the expanded living room and adjacent spaces. 

Main living room area featuring new home decor (new sofa, new chairs, new lamps) atop new, antique reproduction
hand-knotted oriental rug from Brandon Oriental Rugs that helped begin the makeover.

View of expanded living room with side seating area distinguished by 
hand-knotted custom order/ custom made half-rug from Brandon Oriental Rugs.

Hand-knotted runner selected from Brandon Oriental Rugs by the homeowners as a complement
to the rug previously chosen for their living room (unseen on the right in this image.)

Friday, August 4, 2017

Huntingdon Valley, PA Homeowners Renovate Family Room Anchored Around A Handmade Oriental Rug from Bucks County, PA Rug Store Brandon Oriental Rugs | PHOTOS

Huntingdon Valley homeowners spent many months completing the preparatory work and gathering all of the pieces for the renovation and redecorating of their their intimate family room on display here. 

Obviously, the REAL, handmade, oriental rug which they found at Bucks County, PA rug store Brandon Oriental Rugs -- a fine antique reproduction Persian Serapi design -- has been given a major supporting role in the room. 

(Justifiably pleased and proud of the very nice outcome of their planning and work, they recently shared pictures of the room with us. With all merit for the success of the design plan belonging to them, we nonetheless are honored to have been able to show them a rug that they felt to be of sufficient merit to help them achieve their interior design goals.)

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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

( A procession of unique oriental rugs rather than a single long runner is used to good effect in this hallway.

via Instagram -- #Newhome ? #Redecorating or #renovating an old #home ? Once your basic plans are established, #orientalrugs are the best place to start to make sure everything turns out beautifully.

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( ) Mixed media: rugs in art; rugs with art; rugs as art; #rugs ARE #art .

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( ) Mixed media: rugs in art; rugs with art; rugs as art; #rugs ARE #art .

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( ) Mixed media: rugs in art; rugs with art; rugs as art; #rugs ARE #art .

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( A procession of unique oriental rugs rather than a single long runner is used to good effect in this hallway.

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( Hand-knotted oriental rugs are time travelers. The photo of this room could have been taken in the 1960's, or yesterday. It makes virtually no difference to the rug which functions the same fifty years ago as it does today, or even fifty years from now. (Quite unlike the cameras for which there is no longer any film, or the typewriter for which there is no longer a replacement ribbon.)

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( Sometimes the best seat in the house is not a chair or sofa. Oriental #rugs ARE multi-purpose room furnishings: Floor-covering - YES Alternate Seating - YES Accessory Artwork - YES

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Subsequent History of the Land of Oz: The wicked witch melted away. The Wizard in his balloon drifted away into the empyrean, never to be seen again. Dorothy made an affirmation, clicked her heels together, and was transported back to Kansas. Succeeding the Wizard as administrator of Oz, the sagacious Scarecrow afterward initiated an infrastructure improvement program to resurface the Yellow Brick Road with real oriental rugs. Having endured something of an ordeal in his recent travel on the road, Scarecrow justified the project as "a brilliant way to improve the surface; making the path more beautiful and comfortable." All those who have been there since say that the rugs make it look and feel like home.

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