Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Disaster Relief (Hurricane Sandy) -- Oriental Rug Appraisal, Cleaning, Restoration, Fair Replacement

Following the devastation wrought by Hurricane Sandy, the largest Atlantic storm ever to strike the Mid-Atlantic states, clean-up will likely be a lengthy and tedious ordeal for the millions impacted by nature's overwhelming power.
For those who own fine hand-knotted Oriental rugs, the challenges of being made whole again can be significantly more involved than for other furnishings or household possessions. Delay in remediation of damage can lead to total loss of a rug. The magnitude of that loss can be difficult to determine without expert evaluation of rug type, replacement value, and the costs and chances of success if restoration is attempted.
Fine rugs that have been damaged by storm related hazards: water only, or -- more commonly -- water mixed with salt, household chemicals and dissolved building materials from compromised structures need prompt evaluation (triage in effect) to determine what can or should be done to save the rug, or assure fair compensation for those rugs that cannot be salvaged.
In this instance, as in prior disasters (Hurricanes Floyd and Irene among others), Brandon Oriental Rugs is prepared to offer our services to help rug owners (and their insurers) to quickly assess the damages that have actually occured; and choose the best course to take for restoration.
We are prepared to travel to any part of Southeast Pennsylvania, and Central and Southern New Jersey, to assist with our services those who have suffered damage to their rugs. For those who lack current documentation, we can provide appraisals of your rugs and their current replacement value. We can help assess the nature and extent of damages your rugs have suffered in the storm; the impact those damages have made to value; and the chances for restoring your rugs by cleaning or repair. We can provide for removal of damaged rugs for the purpose of cleaning and repair by experts competent to perform the necessary work.
Over the course of the next few weeks, we hope to be able to consolidate multiple appointments in affected areas to expedite steps for amelioration of the losses suffered. If our service can help you get back to normal by helping you save the value you have invested in your fine handmade rugs, please call us (215-794-2300) to discuss our services and fees; and to make arrangements for us to evaluate your rugs.
Having begun already to help people who have suffered damage to their rugs wrought by this devastating hurricane, we can see the profound impact this event will have on many people and communities for some time to come. At this time, when a power greater than us has brought us harm, our prayers are with all that The Power greater than us all will quickly ease the suffering and insofar as possible restore the losses.