Monday, October 30, 2017

Searching for a fine quality area rug in Bucks County or Surrounding Counties? Save a lot of time, trouble, and money with Brandon Oriental Rugs

Searching for a fine quality area rug? You can save a lot of time, trouble, and money by using your smartphone to call Brandon (215-794-2300) instead of using it to try and find the rug of your dreams online via internet rug sellers.

Real, handmade oriental rugs are a superb acquisition for the home. Like other estate treasures, they offer a lifetime of pride and pleasure from ownership and use.

Brandon Oriental Rugs believes that the experience of acquiring a fine rug should be a pleasure as well. With over twenty-five years at our one and only store location, our good reputation was established and is sustained by providing the best quality, best service, and best price (based on quality); with customer satisfaction our paramount concern.  

Our personalized Rug-Search(tm) service saves our customers time and effort finding the rugs they desire. We promise that (compared with other sources) our customers will get better rugs for their investment. "Spend less for the quality rugs you want; get better quality rugs for what you want to spend"(tm)

Brandon's complimentary services include free delivery, in-home trials (of multiple rug choices), and design consultations (with you or your interior designer) to establish the best colors, styles, and qualities for you and your unique decorating needs. 

Plus, Brandon's prices are "Real All the Time"(tm).  Unlike other stores and sources (including online), Brandon's prices are complete: (tax, padding and delivery with installation included) - with no hidden or extra costs (like return shipping or restocking fees.) 

There really is a better way to shop for and acquire oriental rugs. Visit Brandon Oriental Rugs anytime and see what a REAL rug sale is all about.
  • Save based on quality anytime
  • No reason to wait for a SALE to feel confident about getting the best possible value. 
  • No reason to hurry. No reason to wait. 
  • No hype. No Pressure. Just REAL.

[Brandon directly serves a large region in Bucks County, PA and surrounding counties in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.]

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