Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Brandon Oriental Rugs_Bucks County Rugs_Doylestown_Dining Room_Rug

Brandon Oriental Rugs, Bucks County, PA (and surrounding counties) oriental and decorative rug specialists, were recently invited by a homeowner in Doylestown, PA to help her find a real handmade rug to replace an old carpet and complement an exceptional new dining room table. 

The rug selected (a 9x12 vegetal dye, antique reproduction Persian design made in Afghanistan; and unquestionably lovely in the room) invites appreciation as a feast for the eyes. Appropriate in a room that will host many feasts and bring much delight for many years to come.

Brandon Oriental Rugs_Bucks County Rugs_Doylestown, PA_Living Room Rug_Possibility Thinking

Brandon Oriental Rugs -- Consider the possibilities. Our customers -- homeowners in Doylestown, PA -- decided to experiment with real handmade oriental rugs selected from us as the necessary next step in completion of a living room makeover. The process was fun; with some delightfully welcome discoveries about what was best for the room. 

After looking at many other very good alternate possibilities, our customers decided that the rug seen in the picture -- an 8x10 Turkish Oushak design made in India -- was unquestionably best for the room. 

Brandon's service always guarantees the best possible outcome for our customers. Our promise of no pressure; our willingness to help in every way possible (including deliveries and honoring your budget); and our proprietary Rug-Search(tm) service (that allows us to help you find what you hope and want to find) assure that your designs for your home are realized. 

This room when complete promises to be utterly satisfying because the homeowners decided at this stage to play with oriental rug ideas, and found a rug that allows much else to develop around it according to the vision they have for decorating their living room.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Brandon Oriental Rugs_Bucks County Rugs_New Hope_Dining Room Rug_Persian Rug

Homeowners in New Hope, PA and their designer invited Bucks County, PA oriental and decorative rug specialists Brandon Oriental Rugs to help them find a fine quality hand-knotted oriental rug to add to and appropriately complete their formal dining room. 

The rug selected is a 10-4x13-6 hand-knotted Persian Kashan rug made in Iran. (This magnificent rug -- which took the better part of a year to create -- was featured recently as a special offer on our website. Its price was considerably less than the cost of a similarly sized custom-order machine made rug would have been to the customer. Plus, it will certainly endure much longer, and maintain its value long into the future.)

Brandon Oriental Rugs_Bucks County Rugs_New Hope_Home Makeover_Living Room Rug

Homeowners in New Hope, PA and their designer invited Bucks County, PA oriental and decorative rug specialists Brandon Oriental Rugs to help them find a fine quality hand-knotted oriental rug to serve as the starting point for a living room makeover. 

The rug selected is a modern interpretation, borderless India Agra design with embossed silk highlights. 

Even if nothing else changes in the room, the rug is doing a superb job of pulling everything together and making the room more inviting.

Brandon Oriental Rugs -- A traditional handmade oriental rug is on the right side of the above demonstration photo. A trendy, modern rug is seen on the left side. Though strikingly different, both rugs appear to have merit as design solutions for the room and its decor.

There is an unseen difference, however, that we invite you to consider. At some not-so-distant future time, one rug -- the traditional handmade oriental -- will still be looking like a good choice; while the other -- the contempo off-the-rack machine-made --will be probably (if it is still wanted) be hiding away in a less prominent room of the house -- or maybe have already found its way to the trash andto clutter a landfill for some indeterminate future time.

Because of the timelessness of its design, and perpetual popularity of its style, the traditional oriental rug on the right will still look fresh and right for the room no matter how far into the future you care to forecast.

Unfortunately, the intriguingly contemporary rug on the left is going to look like a mistake, and feel old, as soon as ever-morphing fashion decides that the "happening thing" is some new style.

Your home is an oasis from the hardships of the journey through life. Don't allow yourself to be assailed in your place of rest by the "here today; gone tomorrow" restlessness of fashions that can never acknowledge the merits of timelessness.

Visit Brandon Oriental Rugs -- Bucks County, PA oriental rug specialists -- to access future fashion that goes on and on without the need to change a thing.