Thursday, August 29, 2013

Brandon Oriental Rugs ( Helps Find Oriental Rugs for Customers and Interior Designers in Bucks County, Lehigh Valley, South Jersey, and all the PhillyBurbs

   You can name your style, color, size and shape preferences, and your price limitsIf it exists anywhere and is available to us, we can make it available to you. 
   You will save the time and effort you'd expend trying to do it yourself; AND it will cost less for the quality you want than it would anywhere else -- even the places with "70% OFF" sales. We promise you will spend less for the quality you want; and will get better quality rugs for what you want to spend.
   We also deliver the rugs you want to see for free to your home so you can see how well they work in the room(s) you are trying to complete.
   We love what we do. You'll love what we can do for you.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Why DIY? For Those Living in Bucks County, the Lehigh Valley, and Suburban Philadelphia, Brandon Oriental Rugs Offers a Better Rug Cleaning and Repair Service for Fine Quality Area Rugs

Unless you have the time, skill, energy, and ambition for this...'s probably time for you to call Brandon Oriental Rugs to discuss your rug cleaning needs.

Our complete service can:

  • make your rugs look more like they did when new
  • make your rugs smell a whole lot better
  • protect your rugs against a lot of nasty stuff 

Call us at 215-794-2300 with your questions. Schedule your rugs for the bath it's time they had.

You made a valuable investment in your fine quality rugs. Spending a little more every seven to ten years (at most) to have them professionally cleaned and repaired can protect your investment, and insure that you'll enjoy your rugs for many more years. 
Since time and circumstances makes replacing your rugs harder and harder, preservation is the prudent choice.

(And remember, fine quality handmade rugs should never be cleaned in your home like carpeting. With few exceptions, handmade area rugs must be cleaned in special facilities with the proper equipment - especially drying rooms - to protect them from damage.)

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Bucks County, PA Oriental Rug Store Brandon Oriental Rugs - - Shows The Beauty of Traditional Rugs In Contemporary Room Settings

The creativity in the following rooms, demonstrating the au courant, dynamic, hybrid decorating style should inspire everyone with a sense of the possibilities for transforming their living spaces. 

The economic downturn naturally repressed the ability of many to gratify their decorating urges, but the pent-up energy is beginning to manifest in rooms like these: fun not frivolous, surprising not shocking, tasteful not tawdry, real not ersatz, elegant -- even luxurious -- but not impractical.

We think there is a reassuring self-assurance in the simplicity of this style: even as it courageously embraces the future, it is not running from the past.