Friday, June 17, 2022

Thank You for Twenty-Seven Successful Years

Thank you to our customers and community. After twenty-seven blessed years, the partners of Brandon Oriental Rugs have elected to retire and will no longer be actively conducting business activities either at the former store location or via direct-to-home services. We also will not be engaged in cleaning or repair services; or in consignment sales. 

On a per case basis, Christopher Klinges will be available to offer appraisal services for the protection of former customers. 

It was our pleasure to serve each and every customer over the many years we were in business. We are proud that we were always able to keep faith with you on our pledge to offer the best price (based on quality) at all times; never resorting to misleading discount sale strategies to manufacture false savings. 

We are grateful and honored by the trust you have shown in us by using our services, inviting us into your homes, and allowing us to assist you with the furnishing of them. 

We hope that the many beautiful, fine quality rugs purchased from us since the 1990s have been and will continue to be in everyday use in the areas of your homes they were selected by you to distinguish as no other article of home decor possibly can. We hope all those rugs continue to make their owners proud.

May the Good Lord bless and keep you, your families and your homes throughout the days ahead.

Pamela Ward & Christopher Klinges
Brandon Oriental Rugs

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Look What Bucks County, PA Rug Store Brandon Oriental Rugs Can Do To Dress Up A Room

Bucks County specialty rug store Brandon Oriental Rugs -- specializing in traditional hand-knotted oriental rugs -- knows how to turn your naked floors into floors beautifully dressed for all of the wonderful, special (and even everyday) events at which they will be seen for years and years and years. 

Dress your rooms for success with help from Brandon Oriental Rugs.

The living room of the Doylestown, PA home seen above was begging for a fine quality area rug to complete it.

The homeowners knew to call on Brandon Oriental Rugs to help them with their special -- and somewhat challenging need -- from prior experience using Brandon's unique services to find rugs to complete other rooms in their home.

The 9x12 fine, hand-knotted Pak-Persian rug they chose (from among multiple selections offered for their consideration) is truly without peer in its success in their well-used, important living room.

Friday, February 5, 2021

Fine Rugs from Bucks County, PA Rug Store BRANDON ORIENTAL RUGS Help Transform Houses Into Homes

Personal Taste is one of the few ways left for you to express your individuality. So far, the concept that "There is no disputing taste." is still undisputed. While it is possible, why not manifest -- at least to yourself -- what is unique about everything that you value (and why that deserves to be valued)? And in that endeavor why not protect your decisions and your vision of how you want everything associated with you to look (from your clothes, to your car, to your home decor) and keep them free of tyrannical, mob-mentality dictates?

Average is always easy and safe. Exceptional is more challenging. Aim high for your own sake. 

Friday, December 11, 2020


Brandon Oriental Rugs in Bucks County, PA ascribes to the
motivations and principles expressed in the Quality Manifesto.


Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Bucks County, PA Custom Rug Specialists Brandon Oriental Rugs ( Shows How To Properly Install A Stairway Runner 

For over twenty-five years, Brandon Oriental Rugs has been the home of REAL oriental rugs serving Bucks County, PA and surrounding counties and communities in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. We offer REAL RUGS (not imitations); REAL PRICES (not phony discounts); REAL SERVICE (we can help you find what you want without wasting hours on online searching); REAL SELECTIONS (customized for presentation to meet your unique tastes and needs; not served to you as page after page of all-the same irrelevant pictures; or on racks; or in dusty piles.)

It's a bit old-school -- doesn’t happen by point-and click -- but in the end you can save time, effort AND actual price paid for the rugs you want with a brief visit, phone call (215-794-2300) or email (

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