Thursday, October 23, 2014

Optical Illusion Rugs Could Be A Wild New Way To Make Your Floors Interesting

Some decorating decisions are made for reasons of beauty. Some for a specific taste. And others are made in a spirit of insouciance and fun. Here are some lovely floor options.

The image above is from a Panasonic ad campaign, showing the bugs and dust and everything else that lurks on the floor. That would presumably vanish if you would only buy a Panasonic vacuum cleaner.

If you want to create that worn wood look on your shiny new floor you could try this idea as seen on HOUZZ:

This next rug is "Poliedri" by Roubini Rugs. Just be careful not to stumble as you avoid tripping over the nonexistent obstacles on the rug:

Here's another one that might trip up friends and family. Pair it with a stairway for the ultimate in confusion:

Finally, check-out this "Magic Carp-pet Rug" by John Leung:

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Traditional Rugs in Contemporary Spaces

The Beauty of Contrast: Traditional Rugs in Contemporary Spaces

The link above is to an exemplary article from the HOUZZ portal. 

If you are comfortable testing possibilities instead of adhering to rules, you'll likely enjoy experimentation with the interesting twist that a real (and traditional) hand-knotted oriental rug can introduce to modern decor.

To see and consider some of the infinite possibilities offered to you by unique pairings of rugs, furnishings, art and accessories please visit our HOUZZ website and projects pages:

Or, check out our Pinterest "Designing With Rugs" page: 

If you start with a real hand-knotted oriental rug, you have started well. If you finish with a fine quality area rug, you have finished well. Success really can be a matter of choices made along the way.