Monday, March 31, 2014

Special "Share and Share Alike" SALE During April on Persian Oriental Rugs (made in Iran) at Bucks County, PA Rug Store Brandon Oriental Rugs -

Share and Share Alike SALE on
all Persian Oriental Rugs (made in Iran)
all through April at Brandon Oriental Rugs


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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Rug Shopping in Princeton - Hopewell - Skillman New Jersey Region Made Easier with Help From Bucks County Oriental Rug Store Brandon Oriental Rugs - - as Proven by Customer's Experience

Our customer was shopping for a handmade oriental rug for her new home in Princeton, New JerseyShe has a rug collection of varied origins brought along from the previous home, and was seeking to do "something a little less traditional looking" for the family room of the new home.

Before contacting Brandon Oriental Rugs, she had shopped online at One Kings Lane, Pottery Barn, Renovation Hardware; and at Bloomingdales in The Mall at Short Hills, but had been disappointed by the experiences. She reported that the rugs she tried from online retailers "don't have the quality I want", and "It's impossible to tell from a picture on the computer what you're really looking at". When she saw our website, and offer of service, she felt new hope of finding an answer -- which indeed she did, as you can see below.

* * *
Here are "Before" images of her room. We were told that some neutral gray or taupe accent colors in the rug were essential; and to take our cues from the existing paint colors, artwork, and chairs; (and to "disregard the sofa, which will change").

* * *
We presented via internet previews a wide selection of rugs from which she could choose those she wanted to try in her home:

* * *
Here are the rugs she felt had most merit for consideration in the room. These rugs were actually presented by Brandon Oriental Rugs in her home:

And here is the rug she fell in love with; around which she will be making the remainder of her decisions for completing the room:

* * *

And here's her new rug in the room; her mission accomplished and job well done with a helping hand from Brandon Oriental Rugs in nearby Bucks County, PA :

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Monday, March 10, 2014

Bucks County Oriental Rug Store, Brandon Oriental Rugs - - Helps Customers Shopping for Rugs No Matter How Long It Takes

    This is a picture of a group of hand-knotted oriental rugs that Brandon Oriental Rugs recently selected to help resolve (hopefully) a customer's request for a new living room rug.
[Rug-Search (tm) is Brandon's proprietary searchable database of available, and soon to be available, oriental rugs at the wholesale level from importers in the USA, Canada, Great Britain and the EU; and producers in the rug making countries along the old Silk Route.

     This is a "No hurry. Must be exact" search that dates back to October 2012, when our customer in Warminster, PA selected the rug shown below from Brandon Oriental Rugs for her dining room.

     In a small home, the living room rug will be just five feet away from the edge of the dining room rug. All of the decisions for the living room will be based on the rug choice: furnishings, paint, and window treatments. Our customer's perception of color is exact and emotionally nuanced. Since choosing the rug for the dining room, she has shopped for the living room rug by herself, and with help from interior designers, at many rug stores in the metropolitan Philadelphia region; in addition to seeing (thus far) over twenty different rug ideas through Brandon. 
     We don't know if others are still engaged on her behalf or not. We do know that - based on the promise we made when she chose her dining room rug - we have continued looking for any rug in existence and available to us that might be of merit in resolving her search; and will continue looking until we find the ideal rug for her, or until she somehow runs into it on her own.
     This is the longest, most extensive search we've ever mounted. It is unusual.Most searches are resolved by us at the first presentation; and several suppliers have counselled walking away, aware that many of the selections presented thus far were suitable solutions to the challenge. But we have a promise to keep. In fact, in the over twenty years Brandon has been a complete service for oriental rugs, many customers have been reassured to know that we keep on looking for what they are looking for until one of the following happens: we find it; they find it elsewhere; or they just give up trying to find it anywhere. Usually, we'll find it. Promise.

SOME of the other choices in the procession of rugs presented thus far for consideration: 

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