Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Our current ad ruminates on the issue of artistic merit. Without prejudice to taste, technique, or a multitude of other tangible and intangible factors that can affect the price of a particular objet d'art, we personally would argue strenuously that the disparity in pricing between Mark Rothko's "Untitled #17" and the equally unique, anonymously produced "Handmade Persian Rug" is too broad and, if realistic for the painting, grossly unfair to the rug.
As a suggested "equalizer", we could propose a "Look for Less Challenge", and invite all takers to attempt individually to create a reasonable copy of Mr. Rothko's opus along with the more humbly estimated rug. We suggest that such an effort would confirm the incredible value in the rug -- if the price of the Rothko piece (fetched at auction) is a true estimate of value.

Monday, June 27, 2011


The following link is to a scan of two articles printed just a few pages apart in the May 14-15 Saturday and Sunday Wall Street Journal.

Page One of the .pdf reviews art auction results totalling $1 billion over two weeks for impressionist and abstract works from various artists. Many new records were set.

Page Two of the .pdf (which actually appeared a few pages prior in the WSJ) is captioned "Not a Millionaire In Sight" and shows an "Untouchable" Indian woman crossing a precarious footbridge over an open sewer filled with human waste to her "home" on the other side. 

Without judgement or prejudice for or against either depiction of fortune, the juxtaposition of extravagant indulgence with abject destitution -- apparently unintended by the WSJ editors -- is poignant.


Friday, June 24, 2011

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Brandon Oriental Rugs Helps You Appreciate The Meaning of Magic


Rug Cleaning - Brandon Oriental Rugs - Rug Care

Brandon's Rug Cleaners Frequently Perform Miracles

The following picture of a cleaning customer's rug was taken at the the time of pick-up. (Frankly, we had low expectations that the cleaning process would provide much improvement in the appearance of the rug based on the poor care it had suffered in the customer's home -- and we told her so.)

Despite our lack of encouragement, the customer requested us to make an attempt to clean it.

The next picture shows the result of our service's basic rug wash. No heroics were performed, but the rug looks as good as new.

We can't promise miracles in every instance -- because we don't know what has happened to your rug in the time it has been in your home -- but there is almost always an appreciable improvement in appearance when you elect to have an old, heavily soiled rug professionally cleaned. 
Call us (215-794-2300) to arrange a time to evaluate your rug(s), and to discuss our terms. (Sorry, no e-correspondence on this.)

For spot-cleaning instructions, visit our website: