Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Langhorne, PA Interior Design Professional Selects Handmade Rug from Bucks County Rug Store Brandon Oriental Rugs - www. BrandonRugs.com - as First Step in Makeover of Her Own Living Room

Previously, Brandon Oriental Rugs posted on Twitter about our efforts on behalf of a Bucks County, PA interior designer whom we have helped on numerous projects. 

This particular project was slightly more challenging for her however, because it involved the direction she is taking to redecorate the living room of her own home.

The "BEFORE" images above and directly below, show that the designer has started the transition of her living room from rigid formality to an overall more relaxed look-and-feel suggested by the arm chairs, glass top coffee table, and Shaker-influenced end tables.

The sofa is scheduled to be re-upholstered, the window treatments are being changed to Plantation shutters, and the wall color (to be determined) will go from pale yellow to a warm gray neutral.

The rug chosen (after the pre-screeening of multiple alternate selections outlined above in the TWITTER post) is an 8x10 Pakistan (Peshawar) Khotan collection rug (shown below on the day of its arrival and unveiling at Brandon's one and only location just outside Doylestown in Buckingham Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Made with 100% hand-spun, vegetal dye wool yarns on a cotton foundation and given a signature "silver wash" to impart the crisp, linen-toned background color associated with Khotan Collection reproduction oriental rugs, this rug brings the impact of a REAL hand-knotted oriental rug to the design plan with a subtle, subdued, understated complementarity.

Seen in the images below in the living room of the designer's Langhorne, PA historic district home on the day of installation, her beautiful new rug is right at home with all she has done in the room, and with the new directions in which she is taking it.

In order to give her time to organically develop her vision for the room, Brandon made every effort to find a common ground between where her room began and where she hopes to take it that was not in any way a compromise away from the ultimate goal. 

As her plans develop and are realized, she may continue to enjoy the comfort of a rug that is well coordinated with everything past and future in her home.

Monday, October 26, 2015

A Real Hand-knotted Oriental Rug (runner) Transforms a Bunch of Steps Into a Grand Staircase

Bucks County, PA rug store Brandon Oriental Rugs (www.BrandonRugs.com) custom installs custom fitted hand-knotted oriental rug runner with custom machined brass stair-rods in home custom renovated by our customer.

The image shows the proper way to install an oriental style rug on a stairway. 
  • Notice that (unlike commonly available "roll runners" which are bordered only on the sides) a real handmade runner is like a beautifully framed picture with borders on all sides. 
  • Also, notice that runner has been custom fitted for the stairway on which it is installed: it begins under the nose of the landding above, and cascades downward to a perfect finish at the junction of the riser of the first step and the floor. 
  • This rug was originally two identical ("sister") runners joined together and then specially cut to fit the entire length of the stairway with extra work required to fit the two curved stairs at the bottom. 
  • The solid brass rods are made with custom turned finials cut directly onto (not screwed onto) the ends of the rods.

This, in toto, was not an inexpensive solution or easy installation. Considering the superb renovation undertaken by our customers with the utmost regard for the legacy of their home, nothing less was ever considered as an option. Well done all around.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Begin With The End In Mind

About the time that your universe begins to take form, you might want to consider putting real handmade oriental rugs from Bucks County, PA oriental rug store Brandon Oriental Rugs into your creation. 

For all of the wonderful spaces you are planning, and for all of the days to come when you will be enjoying all of your beautiful plans, you will see that it is GOOD.

Buckingham Township, PA Homeowners Select Fine Quality Hand-knotted Oriental Rug from Bucks County Rug Store Brandon Oriental Rugs - www.BrandonRugs.com - to Complete Living Room | PHOTOS

Brandon's customers are engaged in a long-term redecorating project throughout their Buckingham Township home. 

Seeking to better unite new facing sofas in the living room, they opted to transfer an old rug that had been in the room to another room of the house, and search for something really special for this area at the center of their home.

The rug selected is a 10x14 reproduction Hadji-jalili Tabriz style rug made in India. While originally looking for a rug with a black background, the homeowners decided that the radiant warm red tones of this rug provided a needed and welcome balance to the subliminally cool feel of their room caused by the pale blue paint color on the walls, the linen white and gray colors on the sofas, and indirect natural light imparting a grayish rather than yellowish cast to the room throughout most of the year.

The photos above and below show the richly variegated vegetal dye palette and the hand-spun wool textured detail of the rug.
The image below (showing the back of the rug) uses a US Quarter Dollar as a one square inch reference standard. It is clear to see that the rug is produced according to a 14/14 contract: there are fourteen knots horizontally per linear inch and fourteen vertically. Multiplying yields a knot density of 196 hand-tied knots per square inch. A ten foot wide by fourteen foot long rug with this level of detail requires a total of over four hundred person days of labor to produce.

Needless to say, Brandon's customers have chosen a rare and valuable work of art to grace the floor of their home's living room. 

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Doylestown, PA Homeowners Choose Handmade Oriental Rug from Brandon Oriental Rugs - www.BrandonRugs.com - to Dress Up a Bare Hallway and Get Delightful Extras from Their Choice

Customers of Bucks County, PA oriental rug store Brandon Oriental Rugs were looking for a handmade runner for a small hallway connecting the master bedroom suite with the rest of the second floor of their Doylestown, PA home.

Working with their designer, they selected a Turkish Oushak design reproduction runner made in India. The muted palette and soft texture of the rug are a perfect complement to the light, airy look and feel of the bedroom beyond.

Big plusses realized from  the use of the rug were a noticeable reduction in the echoing noise produced when traversing the formerly bare floors; and the comfort and warmth underfoot when passing barefoot through the hall to use the walk-in closet/dressing room on the left or the bathroom on the right.

When it looks right and feels right, you have incontrovertible evidence that you 
are looking at the right rug for the room or area you are decorating.

Some More BIG Rugs (10x14) for BIG Rooms (Family Rooms, Large Livingand Dining Rooms, Bedrooms with King Size Beds) Available Now at BucksCounty Rug Store Brandon Oriental Rugs - www.BrandonRugs.com | PHOTOS

Unlike stores that maintain a lot of random inventory based on best guesses about what the next person through the door will want, Brandon Oriental Rugs custom selects all of our rug inventory in response to individual customer requests related to specific, unique needs. 

Based upon a set of search parameters presented to us  by each customer, we bring as many rugs from our manufacturers, importers and suppliers as are available and appropriate in response to the specific need.

Below are some selections brought in response to two specific search requests in recent days. Any rugs not chosen by the customers for whom they have been brought for consideration are available to all others who share similar needs. All rugs are available for preview at our store and for in home trial.

If you have questions about anything you see here, or on any of our other social media platforms; or if you have a special rug you need help finding, we invite your inquiry.

Above (overall and border detail): Hand-knotted Turkish Oushak design oriental rug reproduction made in India

Above (overall, border and back detail): Hand-knotted Pak-Persian Qum design oriental rug; made in Pakistan

Above (overall and border detail): Hand-knotted "Silk Flower" India Agra design oriental rug

Above (overall, border and back detail): Hand-knotted Pak-Persian Tabriz design oriental rug

Above (overall and border detail): Hand-knotted Turkish Oushak oriental rug design made in India

Above (overall, border and back detail): Hand-knotted Pak-Persian Tabriz design oriental rug

Above (overall and border detail): Hand-knotted Turkish Oushak design made in India

Above (overall and border detail): Hand-knotted Persian Kerman-Lavar antique reproduction oriental rug with hand-spun wool and vegetal dye; made in India

Above (overall and border detail): Hand-knotted Persian Serapi overall design oriental rug reproduction with hand-spun wool and vegetal dye; made in India

Above: Hand-knotted Peshawar (Pakistan) style oriental rug made in China

Above: Hand-knotted India Agra design oriental rug

Above: Hand-knotted Persian Kashan design oriental rug; made in India