Sunday, August 6, 2017

New Oriental Rug from Bucks County, PA rug store Brandon Oriental Rugs is One of the First Steps in a Home Makeover by the Homeowners

Hand-knotted oriental rug selected by the homeowners from Brandon Oriental Rugs makes things look
pretty good already; but became just the first of many steps in a major home makeover.

Homeowners from Bucks County, referred to us by an interior designer, have advanced from the early stages of refurnishing their living room. Their old sofa seen above has since been removed. 

The handmade oriental rug they selected from Bucks County, PA rug store Brandon Oriental Rugs as one of the first steps in the room makeover enabled them subsequently to make decisions at a relaxed pace to advance their plans. The room was made comfortable, intimate and beautiful by their decision to introduce the traditional rug. Had they done no more, they could have been proud of their room as seen above.

But the rug inspired them with new ideas to update the living room: their main living space and site of so much that is important in the life of their family.

The images below show how things have rapidly advanced with the home's interior design. A new sofa, and some additional handmade rugs from Brandon have brought a fresh elegance to the expanded living room and adjacent spaces. 

Main living room area featuring new home decor (new sofa, new chairs, new lamps) atop new, antique reproduction
hand-knotted oriental rug from Brandon Oriental Rugs that helped begin the makeover.

View of expanded living room with side seating area distinguished by 
hand-knotted custom order/ custom made half-rug from Brandon Oriental Rugs.

Hand-knotted runner selected from Brandon Oriental Rugs by the homeowners as a complement
to the rug previously chosen for their living room (unseen on the right in this image.)

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