Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Fraudulent Rug Sales Are No Laughing Matter For Shoppers in the Lehigh Valley, Southeastern Pennsylvania, and New Jersey

We hope you are amused by the spoof above. But Going-Out-Of-Business (GOB) sales are no laughing matter, and certainly no place to look for the rug of your dreams. The GOB business model is often used to liquidate inferior goods, and as cover for business shenanigans. "80% OFF" offers are gimmicks that hold forth the offer of an unbelievably low SALE price that is actually higher than the prevailing everday price for similar quality goods at reputable, and thriving, establishments. 

Of course, this "too good to be true" pricing model has gone viral on the internet -- unfortunately for those who get lassoed into deals that are NOT real deals

Brandon Oriental Rugs invites you to ask yourself, "If a rug dealer's tag price cannot be believed because of discount manipulations, why give creedence to anything else the dealer is representing about its products?"

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