Saturday, January 31, 2015

The NEW STYLE in Oriental Rug Sales: The Rugs Are the REAL Attraction (as seen in Bucks County, PA at Brandon Oriental Rugs --- )

All of us are conditioned to believe that the sign above makes any product a better value to us than it ever was before. That sign works like a charm to get our attention and arouse interest. It has overwhelming power to attract; and seems to call us: "Come hither! The rewards are up; the penalties down; you may enjoy more treasure and less treasure is required of you."

As we all know, reality often differs from our preconditioned imagination of what that sign seems to promise. We know, of course, the sign is overused. We know too that the sign is often misapplied, and a "sale price" for something at one vendor might be much higher than the "everyday price" for the same thing at another (see: We know that the sign is often cover for what amounts to deception: promising big savings compared to an original price that in truth never existed; making us believe we must act immediately or forever lose the offer of big savings when in truth the opportunity is effectively perpetual, frequently extended and regularly repeated.

Brandon Oriental Rugs ( invites you adopt a new paradigm, and overcome the conditioned response to the SALE sign; especially when it comes to shopping for fine quality handmade area rugs of every description.

At Brandon, RUGS ARE THE ATTRACTION; their beauty charms you; their virtues speak to you; and acquiring something unique that nobody else can have is the opportunity you don't want to miss. 

Of course, the fact that the everyday price for fine quality rugs at Brandon Oriental Rugs is actually better than the sale price for similar quality rugs elsewhere (including e-tailers, web-stores, and internet auction sites); and includes a host of useful services (like delivery with installation and a low pressure/take-your-time shopping experience) makes it easier to stop shopping in response to SALE signs everywhere, and start shopping for beautiful handmade rugs that can be purchased for the best price anytime without a lot of hype and hoopla.

Lost in the excitement of the "BIG SALE" event of course is the attention that should be devoted to understanding the purchase. Avoid the tendency to get caught-up shopping for a singular price-point; focus instead on singular products. Along with, "What do these things cost?"; remember to ask, "What kind of rug is this?"; "Why does this rug cost more than that one?"; and "What makes one rug better than another?"  (see:

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