Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Kitchen Rug: Real Oriental Rugs Are a Surprisingly Practical Solution to the Need [Photos]

There are a lot of reasons for choosing to use oriental rugs in your kitchen, and you'll find you will appreciate all of them:
  • Unlike plain mats they don't show dirt, and are actually resistant to dirt 
  • They're extremely durable; made for the long haul. (If you are using your kitchen to feed an army every day, your rugs might not last a lifetime, but will endure the day-to-day traffic for years longer than other kitchen mats.) 
  • Oriental rugs that are old and worn can still look fabulous; and add a natural, organic warmth to balance the sometimes industrial, too utilitarian character of modern kitchens.

As you look at these pictures, consider how much each rug is doing to enhance its space.

An oriental rug in the kitchen workspace is tough
enough for the job it has to do; and makes
the choice to use it look absolutely brilliant.

A somewhat rare hand-knotted 9x9 round rug was chosen by our customers in New Hope, PA (Bucks County) for under their kitchen table to assure that the chair legs would all remain on the rug when guests were seated.

A small galley kitchen gets the big treatment (and looks so much bigger for it) by placing a lovely camel hair, hand-knotted Persian Hamadan oriental runner on the floor.

The use of the hand-knotted oriental rug makes this work area of the kitchen much more comfortable underfoot. (Certainly better than bare floors, and more
attractive than mere kitchen floor-mats.)

The juxtaposition of the modern, industrial strength
kitchen decor with the rustic, naive assymmetries
of the handmade runner puts a lot of energy in this room.
And that looks like the right prescription.

A well-worn, old hand-knotted oriental rug (likely used by a previous owner in some other home ) has been pressed into another tour of duty in this newly
installed kitchen; and is up to the task.

Absent the modern appliances, this room might have looked like this for over a hundred years. The antique, hand-knotted oriental rug could truly have been on
duty here from the very beginning. On and on
it goes, absorbing the imprint of years of domestic
life; a quiet support for all those years.

We've helped customers achieve this look with properly sized oriental rugs in the workspaces of their kitchens
many times. It always looks, and works, great.

(Adapted from an article posted on TheKitchn.com at http://bit.ly/1DDNwSQ)
(Images repinned from Brandon Oriental Rugs Pinterest Board "Rugs In The Kitchen")

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