Friday, February 27, 2015

Meet and Greet Weekend at Brandon Oriental Rugs for Fine Handmade Rugs Seeking Good Homes in Bucks County and the Surrounding Region

In the midst of all the "Home Improvement Season" excitement, a very special event is being held this weekend (February 26 thru 28) at Brandon Oriental Rugs ( in Bucks County, PA (just minutes from Doylestown, Lahaska, New Hope, Newtown and other Central Bucks communities.) 

With all of the great new products for the home out there (and the many important jobs you need to get done to make your home the way you want it to be) there is an amazing class of home goods - real hand-knotted oriental rugs - that has been sadly overlooked in recent years. 

The result is that many wonderful rugs are looking for homes; homes they were made for; homes they could make more beautiful; homes to which they are willing and able to give everything they have for a lifetime to make the homeowners proud and happy.

In the hope that many of these wonders of creation can find a place in your heart and your home, you are invited to come meet them and get to know them this weekend at Brandon. See if there's a special one here for you; one that makes a connection with you. 

If you think a lasting bond could form, you are welcome to take any rug home (or Brandon will deliver it for you FREE) to try it for a few days. See if your home and a beautiful handmade rug (that is looking for a home like yours), belong together.

This is a casual event, and no pressure of any kind will be exerted. But maybe just maybe there's a fine oriental rug here that has been waiting since its creation to have a chance to make someone like you very happy for a very long time. 

Many wonderful rugs are waiting and hoping to find people and homes that they can make happy. If you have a heart for fine handmade rugs, there are rugs looking forward to being at the heart of your home.

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