Sunday, January 19, 2014

Doylestown, PA Homeowner Finds Oriental Rug to Complete Furnishing of Family Room with Help From Brandon Oriental Rugs -

     Our customer, who discovered Brandon Oriental Rugs via an internet search, invited us to help her find a rug to complete her recently refurnished family room. 
     She has two small children (one a toddler) and wanted her rug to be durable; resistant to dirt and stains; easy to keep clean; and soft to the touch (to assure soft landings for her toddler). She had already done a lot of research online about area rugs; and had tried some selections from other sources which turned out to lack the quality she wanted. By the time she engaged our services she knew that only a real, hand-knotted oriental rug would do; though she wasn't sure exactly what kind or style would be most suitable for her.
     Initially she thought a 9x12 rug would be best for the room, but pictures shared with us suggested that a 10x14 deserved consideration too: an idea to which she was open provided it did not explode her budget. The following "before" and "after" pictures demonstrate what the patience and resolve she brought to her rug search enabled her to accomplish.
BEFORE: our customer's family room prior to installation of her rug. The stone
of the fireplace and the leather were the color cues we were asked to honor.
An image of the rug which was selected from among eight others after
two presentations in our customer's home: a 10x14 hand-knotted
Persian Tabriz design rug made in India.
AFTER: Our customer's room beautifully finished with the rug
she chose from among all others.
Another picture of the completed room showing how the rug unites the elements 
of the seating group; and makes the family room much more inviting to the family.
     Two presentations in our customer's home with rugs of various sizes, styles and colorways were necessary to help her and her husband decide on the rug seen here. While some of the other ideas presented had merit, this rug really stood out as "made for the room". 
     (After more than twenty-five years involved in rugs and interior design, we've learned not to doubt the adage believed by many of the venerable older Persian rug importers that "every handmade rug finds its rightful home at last."  We congratulate our customer for her selection, and for recognizing the moment when one rug from among all those available to her turned out to have arrived at its true home.)
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