Saturday, January 11, 2014

Newtown, PA: Bucks County Oriental Rug Store Brandon Oriental Rugs - - Helps Newtown, PA Homeowner Prepare for Holiday Entertaining with New Hand-knotted Area Rugs for the Living Room and Dining Room

     Our customer, who lives in Upper Makefield Township at the border of Newtown and Washington Crossing, has a lovely home where she entertains neighbors and friends for casual events throughout the year, and which she uses as a meeting place for the many service organizations of which she is a member.

     This past holiday season, she invited Brandon Oriental Rugs to help her acquire real hand-knotted oriental rugs to grace the floors of her living room and dining room in preparation for a large event she was hosting. 

The living room and dining room, bathed in morning sunlight.
     On an initial visit to our store to preview our inventory selections, she shared her goals concerning the look she wanted in the rooms, which are open to each other. Without looking too formal, she wanted each area to convey a light and elegant "continental feel"; with a timelessness resistant to any possibility of looking "dated" in future years. It also became clear that because of the arrangement of her furniture in the living room, and the fact that she had a solid top dining room table, she was going to need some uncommon rug sizes to complete the two rooms in an optimal way (7'6"x10'9" for the living room and 10'x15' in the dining room.)
Living Room Rug (edited to negate washout from sunbeams)
     Both rugs are hand-knotted Indian Agra designs. The living room rug is distinctive with its mille-fleurs background design and adapted cartouche border. The floral motifs throughout are heavily embossed to provide a beautiful textured relief to the pattern. Richly detailed as it is, it still "speaks" quietly with the delicately embroidered light fabric used on the furnishings; and allows the eye to see the open entirety of the conjoined rooms instead of being forced to focus on the foreground alone.
     The dining room rug is a fine quality silk and wool pile Agra design. These are produced in various knot densities, and a finer, more detailed quality was selected here to be but a whisper to accent the rich architectural details and furnishings of the room.
Because of the table's solid top, an unusual 10x15 size rug was necessary.
     Matching our resources to our customer's tasteful goals, Brandon Oriental Rugs helped her acquire the fine quality oriental rugs that will help her showcase her elegant home for the many events she will be hosting in conjunction with her dedicated service activities in the years ahead.    
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