Thursday, January 9, 2014

New Pinterest Board from Brandon Oriental Rugs - - shows rugs newly selected to help our customers in Bucks County and Lehigh Valley, PA and Princeton, NJ with recent home design and renovation projects.

We've set up a board on Pinterest at that features our current inventory stream, selected to honor recent customer requests.
     As you can see, we bring multiple pieces for any particular project to provide you with maximum degrees of freedom in the selection process. Using our large supplier network, we attempt to make available anything of merit to your interests based upon the parameters you establish regarding colors, style, size, quality, price, origin, age, or whatever else you can think of that matters to you in your search.
    While the rugs you see posted have been selected for others to consider, all of the pieces you see can be considered available to you as well unless marked SOLD. If you have interest or questions regarding any particular rug you see posted, please call us (215-794-2300) or use the "CONTACT" form on the sidebar of this blog. We are happy to do whatever we can to answer your questions and advance your appreciation of real handmade rugs.
( 66407_Iran Tabriz_8-2 X 11-1
( 66407_Iran Tabriz_8-2 X 11-1
     And please bookmark (favorite) the page; and feel welcome to check back often to see if a search we've performed for another has uncovered treasure of interest to you. 
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