Thursday, November 7, 2013

Lehigh Valley Homeowner ( Bethlehem, PA ) with Help From Bucks County Oriental Rug Store Brandon Oriental Rugs - - Finds a Handmade Area Rug to Complete Family Room

     The rug shown here was selected to complete a family room in a Bethlehem, PA home, which had been completely furnished (except for the rug) by the homeowners with help from their designer at Hendrixson's Fine Furnishings (Furlong, PA and Shimersville,PA).
Antique Reproduction Persian Tabriz Design Rug (India 14/70) 
     The panel field design -- almost patchwork or quilt-like in conception -- imparted less formality to the rug, making it a relaxed fit with the fine leather furnishings. The finely knotted detail in the rug (approximately 210 hand-tied knots/square inch), and it's authentic antique reproduction finishing, appealed to the refined tastes of the homeowners seeking to make quality decisions at every step in the furnishing of their new home.
     The rug size selected (approximately 9x12) allowed for an open walkway on the left side of the rug (leading to French doors opening to the patio); and for the sofa and love seat to be properly positioned (the same distance in on their respective borders) without encroaching into the field design. (The rug is also centered in the room between the far wall and the wall behind the love-seat; comfortably offset from the hearth and providing ample room on the far side of the rug for a luxurious bed to accommodate the family's best friend.)
[     This rug was selected by the homeowners after a process which began when they were referred to us by their designer. We subsequently visited their home to get an idea of what they had accomplished already, and what they were seeking to do with the introduction of a rug. Based on that visit and a discussion of their objectives, we collected a number of rugs from our many sources and made them available for preview at our store. Our customers then visited our store, and chose several rugs they really liked from the selections we had made on their behalf. We then delivered them to their home for them to evaluate for appropriateness in conjunction with what was already in place in their room. From those choices, the rug you see above was decided upon, and has become a treasured part of their home. 
     Brandon Oriental Rugs is committed to making this same level of service available to all of our customers. This commitment sets us apart from stores that seek to rush you to a decision, whether based on a limited-time offer, or on the challenges presented to you by the store's limited offers of service.]

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