Monday, June 3, 2013

Take The Rug Away And The Whole Room Becomes A Room With A Hole

Lake Washington Residence - contemporary - living room - Castanes Architects PS

This image comes from a Houzz ideabook posted to Facebook. The hosts at Houzz are inviting comments in response to the question, "What inspires you about this space?"
Interestingly, a quick review of posted replies, showed just one that specifically mentioned the rug as being inspirational. Most of those who chose to respond were impressed by the wall of glass to the outdoors, and the lightness it imparts to the room. Very nice indeed; without question.
But we invite you to really think about how this room works, and just how significant the rug is. Think about how this room appears at night. Think about how the room would look and feel without the rug to hold it together; to anchor the white monochromatic color scheme of the interior.
Can you see that without the rug the whole room would look like a room with a hole in it?

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