Monday, June 17, 2013

Real Hand-knotted Rug to Anchor Renovation of Multi-Use Room: An Ideabook

"Begin with the end in mind" Stephen Covey

We've been asked by an interior design company in Bucks County, PA to assist in finding a "transitional style" rug to integrate other decisions regarding color and accessorization of a small multi-use room. The desire to establish the room with a neutral color rug -- preferably gray -- has been expressed.

Based upon the floor plan (see below), two rug-sizes are proposed for consideration: 8x10 and 8x8 square. 8x10, a standard size for hand-knotted rugs, offers a wide range of selections. 8x8 square, less common, is nonetheless an option; with several pieces available that are oriented toward the project's goals.

Proposed Room With 8x10 Rug and 8x10 samples:
Proposed Floor Plan Featuring 8x10 Rug

Sample 1 (corner) 8x10

Sample 2 (corner) 8x10

Sample 3 (corner) 8x10

Sample10  8x10

Sample11  8x10

Sample 12   8x10

Sample 14   8x10

Sample 15   8x10 

Sample 16   8x10

Proposed Room With 8x8 Square Rug and 8x8 samples:
Proposed Floor Plan Featuring 8x8 Square Rug

Sample 5 (corner)  8x8 Square

Sample 6 (corner)  8x8 Square

Sample 7 (corner)   8x8 Square

Sample 8 (corner)   8x8 Square (also 8x10)

Sample 17   7x8 

Sample 18   7x8 

Sample 19   8x8 Square

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