Friday, June 7, 2013

Wall Art Solution: REAL Handmade Oriental Rugs Take To Your Walls In A Big Way

Fine rugs are widely recognized as "art for the floor", but new display systems now make it possible, and attractively practical, to present your rug treasures in the vertical plane as wall art.

As the pictures show, the result is visually appealing, and for the confirmed "rug addict" offers a great opportunity to show off a growing collection; especially if a particular piece is too delicate or highly prized for exposure to use on the floor.

As shown, most rugs are optimally suited for display in a vertical orientation.  Individually, placed like any work of art at eye level, they can  turn an empty wall space into something really special. Multiple pieces displayed in procession down a long wall or hallway can impart the dignity of an art gallery to what would otherwise be mundane space. 

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