Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Photos from a major makeover to a Doylestown, PA home that included a floor covering upgrade. Carpet which covered the floors of the home's conjoined living and dining rooms was lifted and replaced with coordinated hand-knotted oriental rugs from Brandon Oriental Rugs. This composite image displays the big improvement in the look and "feel" of the two rooms imparted by the quality choice of the homeowners. Wall-to-wall carpet failed to give definition to the rooms. With carpet, the space looked like a single, large room with lotsa different furniture shoved into it. The oriental rugs clearly define and delineate two separate rooms with distinct uses. The rugs themselves are individually unique, but united across the space by shared colors, textural quality and clarity of design. They bring focus and an inviting intimacy to the rooms. If your floors are naked and uncovered; ho-hum plain with wall-to-wall carpet; or look shabby from cheap area rugs, consider what REAL ORIENTAL RUGS could accomplish in your home.

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