Friday, March 17, 2017

Before and After Floor-Covering Makeover in Princeton, NJ by Bucks County Rugstore Brandon Oriental Rugs -


Princeton, NJ customers of Brandon Oriental Rugs (a specialty oriental rugstore in Furlong (Bucks County) PA were completing renovation of their lovely townhome near the univerity campus, and invited us to find a replacement rug for the old Persian Heriz they were using in the living room (which they felt was too small for the new furnishings they had acquired for the room.)


We located twenty rug selections to appropriately satisfy the search parameters our customers established for us. Of those twenty, eight were actually presented in the home for on-site consideration. 
The new decor - recently introduced to the room - was in place for the evaluation.
The rug seen in the image below was selected as most suitable for the look and feel of the room as envisioned by its owners.

Choice matters; size matters; quality matters; color matters; character matters; price matters. This IS a "matter-REAL" world. Brandon Oriental Rugs knows how to find and satisfy what matters to you when you are looking to do something extraordinary to distinguish the furnishing of your home or office.

[Brandon Oriental Rugs is "more than a store, we're a service". Service is our top-priority mission. We make the experience of shopping for and acquiring fine quality handmade rugs a distinct pleasure for our customers. 
Since our founding we have pledged -- and kept our pledge -- that customers using our service will get better quality rugs for what they want to spend, or spend less for the rugs they want to acquire. 
In all the time -- since our store opened in 1995 -- we have never advertised "BIG SALE" style promotional campaigns or events to lure, or mislead customers ("Liquidation", "50 - 75% OFF", "Limiited Time", "Wholesale to the Public", "65% + 15% + 10% SALE").   
Nonetheless, we have never seen -- or found by looking -- advertised or offered prices better than our "everyday, available to all, anytime you are ready, QUALITY price" for any rug (based on the quality, materials, and size.)
Even the internet purveyors of rugs don't seem to have a better price -- or reason why they don't -- when it comes to price for quality (value) when compared with Brandon and all we offer.
Service is a commitment that requires responsiblity. It means that Brandon Oriental Rugs can only directly serve fine quality oriental rug needs in a geographic region that includes (ONLY) Bucks County, PA; and counties adjacent to Bucks County (including Hunterdon County, NJ and the Lehigh Valley.)
Brandon is SERVICE oriented. To facilitate elegant and expeditious response to customer requests, we insist upon face-to-face and/or phone discussion with our customers (in addition to whatever enhancements that text messages and e-mail might add to the communication channels.)  To serve you better, we ask that you initially call or visit us to introduce us to your objectives regarding the best rug for you.] 

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