Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Another How-To Video: Naked to Elegantly Dressed Floor in Holland, PA by Bucks County Rug-Store Brandon Oriental Rugs

Another how-to video regarding use of REAL handmade oriental rugs from Bucks County, PA oriental rug store Brandon Oriental Rugs -- .

This brief presentation show the remarkable improvement to the look and feel of an already lovely living room in Holland, PA (Bucks County) that results from the use of a real handmade oriental rug.
Our customer had a refined idea about the quality and look of the area-rug she wanted for her newly refurnished room. Using the proprietary Rug-Search(tm) service, Brandon Oriental Rugs found eight selections that passed preliminary approval. Following intial okay of photo-images, the rugs were physically presented in her home over the course of several weeks (and three different multiple-choice presentations.) 

The rug seen in the concluding frames of the video is the superb selection made by our customer. Like the last perfectly fitted piece of a puzzle, it allowed her to make her world her way, and fulfilled the vision she had for her room.
Do you see what you could be doing with the floors of your home by using REAL rugs?

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