Saturday, February 18, 2017

Brandon Oriental Rugs - - serves the Appetite for REAL Oriental Rugs in #BucksCounty PA (and the entire surrounding region and counties in Pennsylvania and New Jersey) with Professional Services That Include Sales, Rug Cleaning, Rug Appraisals, Rug Repair and Museum-Quality Rug Restoration

Brandon Oriental Rugs - #BucksCounty PA - recommends cleaning and repairing your fine quality handmade rugs to preserve like-new appearance and extend useful life. Give them some love; they're always worth at least what you paid for them.
This rug - a 10x10 square Persian Kerman - was inherited by our #WarminsterPA customer in moth-eaten condition. A significant area of the outer guard stripes of the border complex had been eaten away to a degree that made reweaving/re-knotting of the rug more costly than the rug's present market value justified.
To economically repair the rug and permit continuing use of it, we recommended cleaning and moth-proofing of the rug folowed by the removal and repair of damaged areas to restore appearance. 

As seen in "before and after" images above and below, we cut away the damaged areas (rather than re-knotting them); and machine-serged the edges all around (rather than hand-binding the edges and overcasting the ends.) After the rug was serged around its entire perimeter, we replaced the fringe at the ends as shown below. 
The choice of repairs selected offered considerable savings to our customer compared with what would ordinarily be sought and recommended to achieve a museum quality repair.
The rug is a little smaller than it once was, but looks remarkably good after the insult it suffered from the moths. It now is ready to be placed in a lovely new room awaiting its arrival in Florida where it promises to provide our customer many years of extended use.