Monday, October 26, 2015

A Real Hand-knotted Oriental Rug (runner) Transforms a Bunch of Steps Into a Grand Staircase

Bucks County, PA rug store Brandon Oriental Rugs ( custom installs custom fitted hand-knotted oriental rug runner with custom machined brass stair-rods in home custom renovated by our customer.

The image shows the proper way to install an oriental style rug on a stairway. 
  • Notice that (unlike commonly available "roll runners" which are bordered only on the sides) a real handmade runner is like a beautifully framed picture with borders on all sides. 
  • Also, notice that runner has been custom fitted for the stairway on which it is installed: it begins under the nose of the landding above, and cascades downward to a perfect finish at the junction of the riser of the first step and the floor. 
  • This rug was originally two identical ("sister") runners joined together and then specially cut to fit the entire length of the stairway with extra work required to fit the two curved stairs at the bottom. 
  • The solid brass rods are made with custom turned finials cut directly onto (not screwed onto) the ends of the rods.

This, in toto, was not an inexpensive solution or easy installation. Considering the superb renovation undertaken by our customers with the utmost regard for the legacy of their home, nothing less was ever considered as an option. Well done all around.

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