Thursday, October 22, 2015

Buckingham Township, PA Homeowners Select Fine Quality Hand-knotted Oriental Rug from Bucks County Rug Store Brandon Oriental Rugs - - to Complete Living Room | PHOTOS

Brandon's customers are engaged in a long-term redecorating project throughout their Buckingham Township home. 

Seeking to better unite new facing sofas in the living room, they opted to transfer an old rug that had been in the room to another room of the house, and search for something really special for this area at the center of their home.

The rug selected is a 10x14 reproduction Hadji-jalili Tabriz style rug made in India. While originally looking for a rug with a black background, the homeowners decided that the radiant warm red tones of this rug provided a needed and welcome balance to the subliminally cool feel of their room caused by the pale blue paint color on the walls, the linen white and gray colors on the sofas, and indirect natural light imparting a grayish rather than yellowish cast to the room throughout most of the year.

The photos above and below show the richly variegated vegetal dye palette and the hand-spun wool textured detail of the rug.
The image below (showing the back of the rug) uses a US Quarter Dollar as a one square inch reference standard. It is clear to see that the rug is produced according to a 14/14 contract: there are fourteen knots horizontally per linear inch and fourteen vertically. Multiplying yields a knot density of 196 hand-tied knots per square inch. A ten foot wide by fourteen foot long rug with this level of detail requires a total of over four hundred person days of labor to produce.

Needless to say, Brandon's customers have chosen a rare and valuable work of art to grace the floor of their home's living room. 

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