Saturday, March 28, 2015

Seven Home Decor Ideas-of-Thumb Because the Expression of Personal Taste Cannot be Restricted by Rules-of-Thumb (PHOTOS)

1.) Oriental rugs soften the edginess of modern minimalist decorating.

2) Fine quality area rugs can help to make that which is rugged and individual very comfortable.

3) Size matters. Bigger can actually be better when you consider what size and shape you want.

4) With backup assistance, something small can do a really big job.

5) Because of the big impression handmade rugs make, even a small investment made to bring them into your room decor will look like a smart investment yielding lots of dividends.

6) It takes a lot less stuff to complete the decorating of your room, if you make sure to use a real oriental rug as one of the items of furnishing.

7) "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder", and you know better than anyone what you like; so trust yourself when it comes to choosing the rug you want.

[Images from Brandon Oriental Rugs pins on Pinterest at]

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