Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Amazing (But Not Uncommon) Tale of Endurance About a Family's Oriental Rug (PHOTO)

Our customer, working through her designer in Chalfont, PA, purchased this rug from Brandon Oriental Rugs in 2005. She called today and asked us to take the rug for cleaning after ten years of hard daily use in the family room of her home.

When we arrived and examined the rug for intake, we could NOT in good conscience offer to clean the rug, or charge for service that the rug in fact does not need.

The rug is as good as new (excepting a little section of worn fringe.)

Think about it: a light color, hand-knotted oriental rug in a room where it has endured ten years of busy family life. We could not find a spot upon it. We detected no signs of wear or damage (other than the fringe eaten by the vacuum cleaner). There was no odor in the rug. And there was no dirt evident anywhere on the surface of the rug or under it (where truthfully it can accumulate over time.)

Our customer confessed to vacuuming once or twice a week; and no more.

If this had been a piece of carpet, wouldn't it need replacement at this point? If this had been a tufted (so-called handmade) rug, it definitely would have had an odor; it definitely would have had lots of decaying latex rubber dust underneath; and it definitely would not be worth cleaning.

Granted, our customer spent more for their rug than if she had decided to buy carpet, or a machine-made or tufted area rug. But this real oriental rug still has its original value; and still has a lifetime (a human lifetime) of use ahead of it. Those other choices would be worthless at this point, having spent their usefulness; and beyond hope of being cleaned or repaired to extend utility.

Please join us in applauding our customer for a great choice ten years ago: a REAL smart choice.

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