Thursday, September 4, 2014

Homeowners Select Persian Kashan Rug from Bucks County Oriental Rug Store Brandon Oriental Rugs ( for Family Room of Their Upper Montgomery County Farmhouse

Our customers, have a lovely home near the Greenlane Reservoir in Upper Montgomery County, and have decorated it throughout with beautiful handmade oriental rugs. After many years they decided they wanted to move a rug they'd been using in their family room to another location in the home, and asked us for help in finding a suitable replacement for the room. Their stipulations were that they wanted a real hand-knotted rug, preferably made in Iran, with rich colors, and well-made for a heavily used room that frequently hosts gatherings of their large family. 

The rug they selected is a 3-meter x 4-meter hand-knotted Persian "Gul-Kashan" that they were able to acquire at a very attractive price (considering the current trade embargo trade with Iran) thanks to a generous promotion by our source. 

Rich in color, and nicely detailed, the rug provides elegance in keeping with the rest of our customer's home, while being comfortable and practical for a lifetime of use in their family room.

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