Saturday, September 13, 2014

Bucks County Rug Store Helps Bethlehem, PA Homeowners Select Rugs to Complete Newly Furnished Living Room and Dining Room

Our customers purchased new living room and dining room furniture from Hendrixson's Fine Furnishings in Shimersville, PA.

With most of both rooms finished, they asked Brandon Oriental Rugs to help them find two fine quality oriental rugs that would coordinate with each other, and serve as the last puzzle pieces to complete their decorating.

Both rugs are finely detailed, hand-knotted, antique reproduction Persian Tabriz design oriental rugs made in India. The living room rug has a golden-maize color background with an antique gold border that subtly complements the fabrics and floor color in the room. The small scale motifs add color and interest while not defeating the supporting role the rug plays in the room to the customer's collection of fine original artworks.

The dining room rug is an unusual "Hasht-guli" design with berry-red background and golden-maize border that complements the living room rug, the rich mahogany wood-tones of the dining room suite, and the fabrics used in the custom window treatments designed and installed by Hendrixson's.

The wonderful result wrought by our customers expressing their good taste in an unswerving commitment to quality is proof that a modestly sized home can look and feel as elegant and luxurious as any palace.  

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