Friday, January 25, 2013

Bucks County Rug Store Brandon Oriental Rugs - - Helps Coordinate Selection of Multiple Rugs in Newly Built Home In Jamison, PA

Fine Quality Hand-knotted Area Rugs Help to Define Separate Use Areas Within the Same Room While Maintaining the Visual Integrity and Functional Flow of the Space

     This was taken on moving day at our customer's new home, so the rest of the Great Room furniture has not yet arrived. It demonstrates, however, the successful use of different rugs in close proximity to each other to define separate areas of use in a room, and maintain the sense of visual and functional integrity for the entire space.
     What is not shown here are the additional rugs (behind and to the right of the camera in the dining room and entry hall) which also add to the elegance and visual flow from room to room.
     The viewer should appreciate what the area rugs do for the room versus what bare floors, bound carpet, or wall-to-wall carpeting would offer instead. You can see how the oriental rugs, as unique as they are individually, actually make the room more intimate and visually whole (like a well composed picture.) Bare floors or an expanse of carpet could NOT accomplish what these fine quality, handmade (and uniquely individual) oriental rugs do in concert.

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