Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Happy New Year

Great things happening in what promises to be a wonderful New Year.

Of quick note:

Tabriz Rug (Iran)
  • We have numerous well-stocked sources for REAL Persian rugs (all types, sizes, ages); and look forward to being able to offer these treasures to our clients at very attractive price points (considering the upward price pressures caused by the current embargo on trade with Iran). With the interior design trend swinging again toward vivid color and well-defined pattern -- as well as a revived appreciation for enduring quality and value -- Persian rugs as a class are the perfect answer to evolving style demands.
Kashan Rug (Iran)
  •  We are in the process of developing/launching the Loom And Essence web portal, and establishing it as the interface for all of our associated enterprises and partnerships. An appropriate meshing of the Brandon Oriental Rugs brand identity that maintains and expands it within the broader scope of the Loom And Essence mission is a primary objective (and challenge.)

May your New Year be filled with good things. And in the fortunate days ahead, we invite you to consider REAL handmade rugs from Brandon Oriental Rugs/ Loom And Essence as one important way to fulfill your wishes for good things.

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