Thursday, January 24, 2013

Brandon Oriental Rugs - - Delivers Entry Parlor Rug to New Hope, PA Home That Proves Elegant Simplicity IS Better Than Ostentatious Pomposity

New Hand-knotted Rug for Entry Parlor to Anchor and Integrate Existing Furnishings and Decor

This small room at the entry of this newly finished home functions as a second living room/reading room/ media room. In an open floor plan (not apparent in this picture) it is adjacent to a central hall and opposite a formally furnished dining room. Our customers had a very good idea of what they were looking for and needed to complete the room. They saw -- as can you -- that a rug brings necessary intimacy, warmth and comfort to the room so it can be used as intended for the functions listed above. The rug they selected integrates all of the existing room furnishings, and focuses them along the long axis centered on the painting and the oversize chair beneath it. The rug's light background maintains a feeling of openness in the small room, while the neutral palette of the contrasting border serves to unite the seating and define the limits of the room. Without being too emphatic, the rug makes the simple declarative statement that this room is now complete, and an inviting space to gather as a family and relax.   

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