Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rug Buyer's Guide: 1 - Tufted Rugs and Their Problems For Consumers, The Shocking Truth

The following are long and short versions of the first video in a series of videos by Brandon Oriental Rugs (located in Bucks County Pennsylvania) to help educate rug buyers and rug owners about the different types of handmade area rugs; and their use and care in the home and office.

In this first production, "the shocking truth" about tufted rugs is revealed. Serious design flaws in tufted rugs -- sometimes called "handmade rugs" by manufacturers and marketers inclined to stretch the truth -- make them prone to rapid deterioration compared with REAL Handmade rugs. Diagrams, photos, and a live demonstration of a tufted rug being pulled apart are presented to bolster the case that this is a product with problems for the end user and ultimately for the environment (which we all have a stake in protecting.) (Incredibly, the makers of tufted rugs dare to label them "green products" even though they're a garbage disposal problem like  that other rubber product: tires.) Well known carpet manufacturers and rug importers like Nourison, Safavieh, Momeini, Couristan, Capel, Shaw, Oriental Weavers (Sphinx), KAS, Kalaty and others produce these rugs in India and China (along with some domestric production in the United States) in tremendous volume. Branded products made by them like Martha Stewart Rugs, Nourison 2000 rugs, Pier One rugs, etc saturate the area rug market, and confuse novice rug buyers with product that looks similar to more costly (and much better made) hand-knotted rugs but provides considerably less long term value than the better rugs they mimic.

The REAL benefits of REAL handmade rugs is the background story that is hopefully apparent in this first "Rug Buyers's Guide" video by and will be further revealed  in subsequent videos in the series. You're invited to check back often, and visit for more frequently updated articles and product information regarding REAL handmade rugs. More material on the problematic tufted rug can be found at Brandon Oriental Rugs website .

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