Friday, February 4, 2011

More Going-Out-Of-Business (GOB) "Drama" on Philly's Mainline

The following article appeared in the Philadelphia Inquirer on Sunday January 16, 2011. It recounts, blow-by-blow, the shenanigans of two erstwhile rug merchants from Philadelphia's Mainline as they go about trying to bury one another while shamelessly ignoring the perceptions of onetime patrons, the statutes of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and the ordinances of Radnor Township.

Rugwar  ( )

If some TV producers had known about this in advance, it might have been great stuff for a Reality Show. Actually, that might be the only way to make the once lucrative GOB-scam (by which some rug dealers made ample, albeit dishonest, livings in the 1990's) a ubiquitous model again for shameless, irresponsible marketing . Caveat Emptor!

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