Friday, February 25, 2011

Materials to Combat Fraudulent Going-Out-Of-Business Sales

The following documents are available for study and use by communities and businesses adversely impacted by the ongoing nuisance of fraudulent "Going-Out-Of-Business" (GOB) Sales and related scams ("Retirement Sale"; "Lost Our Lease Sale"; "Relocating Sometime In The Future Sale"; etc.). While specifically applicable in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, they might have exemplary use in other jurisdictions. Included here are some correspondence by my own company directed to local government which reveals some of the challenges faced in stopping the illegal activities of GOB operators, particularly the necessity for ongoing, determined action to bring about the protections to the consumer, community, and other businesses envisioned in the governing statutes and local ordinances.

Pennsylvania Law Governing "Fire Sales"

Proof That PTK Knows About the Law It Is Breaking

Proof That PTK Operates As A Scofflaw: Notice to PTK from Solebury Twp
(N.B.: PTK ignored its responsibilities as outlined by Solebury Township in this legal notice, and continues to operate in violation of the law -- which should be a matter of public record.)

Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office to File a Consumer Complaint for Violation of Consumer Protection Laws

Pennsylvania Bureau of Consumer Protection Mandate

Pennsylvania Consumer Protection Guide: page 25 - GOB Regulation 

A Complaint by My Business to PA Attorney General Regarding Violation of GOB Law

Consumer Guide to Fraudulent Going Out Of Business Sales

Hilarious (But Honest) Analysis of GOB Sales 

Article on Problem GOB Operator Elsewhere In Country

Article Concerning Nature of an Unregulated GOB Concerning PTK Oriental Rugs' GOB Announcement

Going-Out-Of-Business IS a Business Texas, There's No Business Like ''Going Out of Business''

Cherry Hill Rugs GOB Forever_2009-2010

Lancaster Oriental Rugs Going Out Of Business SCAM -2008

Quotes From Consumers Regarding GOB "Sales"

Can You Get A Deal At A GOB "Sale" ?

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