Friday, April 6, 2018

Dare to Be Different When Choosing a Fine Quality Handmade Area Rug

You want to put something outstanding on the floors of your home; not something commonplace.

You've been looking at the challenge for a long time, but are not sure about the next step.

Bucks County, PA rug store Brandon Oriental Rugs offers Rug Search service

Crowds can be found everywhere, including fashion for your home.

(A crowd is not where you want to be; especially when you are trying to express your individuality.) 

Unfortunately an attitude of "one size/one style fits all" has overtaken the marketplace. "NEW" products all seem alike. This is evident too with handmade oriental rug production. Traditionally distinctive, high quality hand-knotted rugs are being tossed aside for product resembling wall-to-wall carpet. Rug after rug is imbued with unimaginative monotony, and mass-market commonality.

"Looks" that seemed unique, edgy and interesting yesterday, last year (or five years ago) are oppressively commonplace now. With so much looking all the same, rug-lovers, rug-collectors, rug-aficionados are again feeling the urge to find unique alternatives to what everybody has.

As a specialty rug store in business over twenty-five years, Brandon Oriental Rugs - - has witnessed all of the trends and style shifts for more than a quarter century. Through every "seismic shift in fashion", the prevailing trend in floor coverings has continued to be an embrace of traditional quality found in handmade rugs crafted in original styles with traditional colors, materials and techniques. "There's nothing like the REAL thing."