Friday, April 14, 2017

Brandon Oriental Rugs - Image of "The Red Room" from the White House website. So much to appreciate thanks to the renovation overseen by First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy. Please appreciate the magnificent Aubusson rug woven in France upon which much else in the room stands. [From Wikipedia's entry concerning The Red Room: "A carpet woven in Aubusson, France, was selected by Kennedy for the floor of the Red Room. Too expensive to purchase outright, Boudin and his Maison Jansen associate Paul Manno approached financier André Meyer, who agreed to purchase and donate the carpet to the White House in exchange for a meeting with Mrs. Kennedy.] (We'll overlook the hint of violation of the emoluments clause, in appreciation of the benefit brought to the completion of the room by Mrs. Kennedy sharing some of her time with the donor. :-)

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