Thursday, July 30, 2015

Rug Quality: Survival Matters When You Want Tomorrow to Look As Good As (or Better) Than Today (a Comparative Study)

(The advertisement shown below is based on a true story.)

Several years ago, our customer in Richboro, PA purchased the rug seen on the left side in the ad. She recently invited us to clean the rug, which we declined to do because it looked as good as new when we went to pick it up, and didn't need to be washed yet.  

At that time she told us about her next door neighbors who purchased a low quality tufted rug from another rug dealer at the same time she bought her rug from Brandon Oriental Rugs. She related that the neighbors had just thrown their rug in the trash. It had worn badly, and they had also discovered it could not be cleaned easily. She told us the neighbors expressed regrets to her about not having spent a little extra to get a real hand-knotted rug like hers. She added that she was proud to admit she had no regrets about her own decision.

When you're making a significant purchase of fine furnishings for your home, you expect your acquisition(s) to possess qualities of durability and permanence. Ability to survive day-to-day use in your home matters. And your expectations will be realized when you make quality decisions.

Avoid impulse purchases; especially those motivated solely by (usually misleading) offers of BIG savings at some "SALE" event. 

Buy what you really want when you're comfortable about what you are getting; not in response to high-pressure, limited-time offers, and "now-or-never" SALE tactics.

Remember that poorly made products still are not being given away for free; and can have long-term costs much greater in reality than better quality goods. Consider too the wisdom forged from the experience of countless shoppers that, "good things are seldom cheap, and cheap things are seldom good" and "too good to be true seldom is."

Don't make the mistake of "shopping for a price". You'll likely wind up with an inferior product; or be directed down a narrow path of options that prevents you from discovering the best possible solution to your need.  

REAL savings ARE realized when you take the time to do comparative studies based on quality. Choose the the right quality required for your specific applications and tastes. Then hunt for the best price you can find for that quality.

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