Saturday, July 18, 2015

Doylestown Township, PA Homeowners Choose a Handmade Oriental Rug from Brandon Oriental Rugs ( to Complete the Family Room of Their New Home

The hand-knotted oriental rug seen in the picture was chosen by customers of Brandon Oriental Rugs ( to complete the furnishing of the family room of their new home in Doylestown Township, Pennsylvania. The rug they selected to fill the open floor between their sectional sofa and entertainment console is a 9x12 India Agra design. It is made with vegetal dyed premium grade wool pile; and beautifully detailed with 100 hand-tied knots per square inch construction.

This rug at the heart of their home promises to be a durable witness to all of their growing family's activities in the years ahead. It is no insignificant place; and the choice of such a well-made, beautiful oriental rug is testimony to how important it is to the young homeowners.