Tuesday, July 22, 2014

History of the Hajji Baba Club | The Passion of a Few Sparks a National Desire to Possess Oriental Rugs

History of the Hajji Baba Club
http://www.hajji75.org/ClubHistory.html          http://www.hajji75.org/RugsintheCity.html

Undeniably, cultural tastes for entire societies are established and influenced by taste-makers. The examples set by the style choices of the rich and famous become models for imitation by aspirants to "the good life".

In a society such as that of the United States where members of a thriving middle class enjoy immense, widely distributed wealth, the opportunities to realize the lifestyle standards set by elites help those standards to pervade the culture broadly. Luxury automobiles are parked in the alleyways of city neighborhoods; workers, who punch the time-clock for their hourly wage, vacation on the Riviera; and residents of tract housing decorate their homes with exquisitely refined objects.

The links at the top of the page show how the acquisition and display of fine handmade rugs (a perquisite of privileged life relished by the founding members of an exclusive club in New York City) when once seen and appreciated as status symbols by society-at-large was emulated by the broader culture. Evidence of the desirability of oriental rugs as a necessary backdrop to elegant living can be seen in movies, TV shows, advertisements, and perhaps your own home. 

The widespread use of excellent oriental rugs in homes everywhere and the establishment of many personal collections has not diminished them as symbols of status, or made their use and display common or vulgar. Far from it. Rather, the passion of exceptional individuals for the intricate beauties of exotic rugs found outlet and expression in the enduring club they established to share that passion; and, in turn, set a standard for all to follow and enjoy.

[Many rug societies and clubs have been established in major metropolitan areas around the United States. Links to some can be found on the Hajji Baba Club's LINK page.]

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