Thursday, July 3, 2014

Fine Quality Area Rugs - Naturally Including Oriental Rugs - Are A Step In the Right Direction As Designers and Homeowners Plan Improvements: What’s Under Foot for 2014? | ASID Icon

What’s Under Foot for 2014? | ASID Icon
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Not long after your plans for the design and furnishing of your home begin to take form, consider REAL handmade oriental rugs as essential elements in the completion of your decorating plans. 
Using quality area rugs -- especially traditional hand-knotted rugs -- specifically selected for the goals you have in mind helps to fulfill essential design principles regarding the overall integrity of your plans.
One of the first principles of success is to model the choices of those who have achieved success. When you doing all you can to make your home outstanding, take time to consider how oriental rugs have been used over many centuries to establish and unite decor throughout many outstanding homes. If you do no less, you will achieve as much.

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