Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Pleasure of Success Can Be Addicting as Results Validate Investment and Simple Choices Look Like Genius

Brandon Oriental Rugs, a Bucks County oriental rug store serving the Greater Philadelphia, Lehigh Valley and Central and South Jersey areas -- has been witness to the truth of the above statement over and over again over the course of over a quarter century in the oriental rug trade.
Once our customers experience the comfort, elegance, luxury, AND practicality that REAL handmade rugs provide in one area of their homes, they soon decide to repeat the experiment in other areas.
The picture above is of an extreme -- but not uncommon --case of rug addiction. Though we have yet to see our customers use rugs as roofing material, we have seen rugs installed in garages, mudrooms, sunrooms, porches, patios, and for use as pet beds. 

Our advice for those who have caught the "rug bug", and are passionate about adding continually to their rug collections, is to go at it one rug at a time. Consider how well a new selection works with your decor today, and how versatile it will be for use in other rooms in the future.   

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