Friday, June 13, 2014

Video: All About Persian Rugs from Their Source ( with commentary from Bucks County Oriental Rug Store Brandon Oriental Rugs - )

Embedded below is a three part Iranian video production discussing the history, art and marketing of hand-knotted Iranian (Persian) rugs. Coming from the mouths of the present day caretakers of this wonderful art form, it is worth attention for rug buyers, rug sellers, and rug owners around the world.

Though an embargo on importation of Iranian goods to the United States of America has made it impossible to access new production since early 2011, Brandon Oriental Rugs in Bucks County Pennsylvania has many resources with still sizable inventories of quality Persian rugs. Many types are still available at attractive prices virtually unchanged since the embargo was imposed. This continues to make Persian rugs (along with real estate, art, heirloom quality furnishing and other rare collectibles) attractive to investors seeking stores of value against the possibility of inflation. 

As the following videos demonstrate, regardless of the sure promise of rising future values in international markets, there is a lot to love about Persian rugs today arising from their esthetic qualities beginning with their undeniable beauty.

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