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Oriental Rug Cleaning and Repair Services by Bucks County, PA Rug Store Brandon Oriental Rugs - - Provide Worthwhile Results to New Hope, PA Customer

     Our customer in New Hope, PA (who has purchased numerous rugs from Brandon Oriental Rugs since the mid-1990's) recently contacted us to have an heirloom rug cleaned and re-fringed. He has a 9x12 antique, art-deco style Chinese rug he uses in his family dining room. It has been a constant presence in his family's homes since the 1930's; used by one generation after another through all those years. Here are some  images of the rug "BEFORE" cleaning and repair:
The rug at intake. Notice furniture impressions from the table legs. (These usually disappear with rug washing.) The variegated shading in the rug is caused by years of foot traffic that mats the rug, and can erode pile if the rug is not regularly rotated. These shadings usually do not disappear entirely with washing because the difference in pile height between worn and unworn sections of the rug reflect light differently.

Prior repair (fifty years ago) is pulling away from the end of the rug and taking knots with it.

Not pretty. But less pleasant still  is what is not shown here: the back of the rug. 
Fringe applied in the 1960's was backed by a plain cloth "sleeve" that was glued
under the rug, and served as an anchor into which the replacement fringe on
front was sewn. That unfortunate repair choice limited options for the new
repair since reduction to a clean line for overcasting meant
additional loss of pile which was unacceptable to the owner. 

     Normally, with antique rugs we counsel that the rug be repaired by "overcasting" rather than re-fringing, but this rug had been re-fringed previously (in the 1960's) in a "less than optimal" manner that made undoing that repair impossible without loss of pile. So, after cleaning, an appropriate fringe style was selected to cover the prior repair, and protect the ends of the rug from further damage. 
     Notice too from the before and after pictures that the furniture impressions present in the rug at intake were removed as a result of washing the rug. Provided the impressions are not associated additionally with wear (or cutting) of the rug pile, or loss of rug knots, washing almost always WILL remove impressions from sofas, tables, chairs, and beds.
     Here is the rug "AFTER" cleaning and repair; ready to perform its supporting role in the dining room for many more years:

After return: the rug is clean, deodorized, and moth-resistant.
Furniture impressions developed over time are gone.
New fringe, properly sewn to the rug, masks the unsightliness
of the old repair, and protects the ends of the rug from further damage.

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