Sunday, April 13, 2014

Huntingdon Valley Homeowner Returns to Bucks County Carpet and Rug Store Brandon Oriental Rugs - - to Select Rug for Living Room Makeover

     Our customer in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania had purchased a rug from Brandon Oriental Rugs for her sun-room over fifteen years ago.
     Needless to say, we were honored by her confidence in our service when, at the beginning of her plans for a makeover of the living room of her home, she visited us again and invited us to help her find a rug to help achieve her goals for the room. She wanted something "non-traditional and unique, but good quality with a refined look; nothing wild but nothing average." With our proprietary Rug-Search(tm) service we located several interesting ideas and forwarded images of them to her. She was very excited by the following idea; which in fact became the rug for her "new" living room:

     As can be seen from the image below, she is transitioning from the traditional look of her home as originally decorated by her designer just before the advent of the new millenium to a more relaxed, informal style in-keeping with her personal tastes and the fresh new looks of today.
The dark, mini-print patterned fabric of her sofa is going to be re-upholstered with the silvery light fabric you see draping it above. Along with it, the hand-knotted modern carpet selected from Brandon (featuring an infinitely tiled "basket-weave" pattern rendered in a dense, luxuriously soft pile of embossed silk and wool) is all that will remain of the room seen above.

New paint; new fireplace mantle, surround, and hearth; additional seating; and new accessories including the homeowners impressive collection of artworks will soon complete the transformation of this intimate living room from well done but "expected" to exceptionally well done.

And our customer deserves all accolades for what will conclude as a stunning achievement. With patience, study, and regard for her own tastes, she is remaking her home according to her sense of style. As a style-maker she has set aside banality to project into her environment the refined expressions of herself.
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